It’s hard to believe that season 6 is just about over. This past season has been a roller coaster of weirdness!  From nasty possessed mannequins to Eve, the mother of all monsters, there’s been nonstop action this season as the boys try to figure out how to make sense of all the trouble they’re encountering.

So what did you think of it up to this point?  I think it’s been great this season, but it hasn’t outdone season 5 by any means.  That being said, it’s interesting to see where the key players are and the dilemmas they’re facing.

For instance, I totally wasn’t expecting to see Castiel and Crowley working together – did you? With the finale nearly upon us, so much remains unanswered. Will Castiel be able to redeem himself in the eyes of his friends? Or will he be destroyed for his disobedience? Will the Winchester boys be able to see the bigger picture here, or does Cas’ betrayal run too deep? Will Dean get his ass kicked by Lisa? We want to know!

Be sure to tune in to see what happens – I know I’ll be watching! And I’ll be on Twitter, chatting away about it all while it happens. Join me! You’ll find me @ScienceFiction, and don’t forget to use the #Supernatural hashtag to make your tweets easier to find!

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