Sticking with the Bat-Family this week, Red Robin kicks off a brand new story arc: “7 Days of Death: Part One Little Triggers”. The creative team of Fabian Nicieza, Marcus To and Ray McCarthy really get things going right off the start with an amazing splash page. It features Red Robin and the mysterious Lynx falling through a window trying to avoid becoming street pizza.

I like the direction of Red Robin lately as Tim Drake is really changing as a hero. He is more self sufficient with a darker edge that ever before. I am really liking the Red Robin costume as they have taken all the best parts of his Robin costume and Batman’s costume and created something really cool.

Red Robin is showing a much more grown up Tim Drake. He’s lost both parents at this point and been adopted by Bruce Wayne, but to quote Buffy; “He is still baking”. It is obvious his partners are not quite ready for an all grown up Tim Drake. From Jim Gordon’s hesitation to Bruce Wayne’s non-committal answers about Tim’s Crime Ally project, it seems he faces obstacles at every turn. Even Dick Grayson seems to not be 100% on-board with Tim’s plans.

Speaking of Dick Grayson, Gotham City’s Batman in the Batman Incorporated corporate hierarchy, I think it is great when these two work together. This time out Tim, knowing his limitations, is in awe of how comfortable Dick Grayson is in his own skin. The idea that crime fighting is anyone’s idea of “fun” is probably a foreign concept to most of us, but Tim knows that is exactly what it is for Dick.

This issue ends with Tim walking right into a trap, and an all new assassination tournament. This time out the target has changed from worldwide CEO’s to someone much closer to Tim Drake. None other than his alter-ego Red Robin. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and how Red Robin will get out of his current predicament.