Alright, so I’ve taken the advice of some diehard ‘Thrones’ fans and continued watching the series, even though I had been less than pleased with it thus far.  And by doing so, I think I can start to see the bigger picture developing here now that character building has virtually been completed last episode.  I could almost feel the momentum pick up, and watching the show is beginning to be more enjoyable.

We learn that Lady Catelyn isn’t taking Tyrion back to Winterfell after all – she’s going to bring him to her sister’s castle.  Tyrion can understand and appreciate Catelyn’s trickery because those who are searching for him will be heading in the wrong direction.  Just then hill tribesmen attack and Tyrion has a chance to escape – but does he?  No, he defends Lady Catelyn from attack.

They finally arrive at The Eyrie and Catelyn presents Tyrion to her sister Lysa.  But it’s then she realizes that something isn’t quite right with her sibling.  We see Lysa and her son sitting on the throne…that seems normal enough.  But wait….is that what I think it is?  Yes, her 7 year old son is suckling off of her.  As in breastfeeding.  Obviously this is peculiar behavior because Tyrion, who’s basically seen (and done) everything, looks at Lysa with an expression on his face that reads, “Is anyone else seeing this??”

She threatens bodily harm to Tyrion and Catelyn steps in saying that he is her prisoner and will not be harmed.  So he finds himself thrown in a three wall cell called a Sky Cell.  Sure, he can leave anytime he feels like it as long as he doesn’t mind plummeting thousands of feet to his death…
Arya is busy chasing cats and winds up in the dungeon where we see a very impressive dragon skull.  She hears people coming; this prompts her to climb into the dragon’s open mouth to hide.  From there she overhears the following conversation:

“The Wolf and The Lion will be at each others throats, we will be at war soon.”

“We’re not ready. If one hand can die why not a second.”

“This hand is not the other.”

“Delay you say? Move fast, I reply. This is no longer a game for two players.”

“It never was.”

She tries to tell her father but he half hears the warning.  She’s forced to leave the room when a messenger tells him that his wife captured Tyrion.  And now he’s being called into a council meeting.

He arrives and stands to hear what the king has to say. King Robert learns that Dany is pregnant and wishes to have her and the baby killed.  Ned is horrified.  He insults King Robert by telling him that the Robert he grew up with wasn’t afraid of the shadow of an unborn child.  Heated words ensue and long story short, Ned steps down from his role as The Hand.

As he hurriedly packs his bags and gives orders for the girls to pack theirs, he’s visited by Littlefinger who has the most horrid timing.  Littlefinger tempts Ned to stay longer by offering to bring him to the person whom John Arryn last visited before his death.  Ned goes but finds himself in deep trouble when confronted by Jaime Lannister and the rest of his crew.  Ned’s injured in the attack; his men slain.  Jaime wants his brother back and he won’t take no for an answer.

And let’s close with (what I think) is one of the most touching dialogue scenes.  It occurred between King Robert and his wife, Cersei Lannister.  We get a very special sneak peek behind their tumultuous relationship.  It’s clear that if there was ever any inkling of love between them, it’s long gone now.  Very, very tragic.

“Was it ever possible for us?” Cersei asks.

“No,” says Robert. “Does that make you feel better or worse?”

“It doesn’t make me feel anything,” she says.

Well, there you have it!  Stay tuned next week for the next ‘Game of Thrones’ recap.