Friday’s episode of ‘Camelot’ showed just how scheming and malevolent Morgan can be (in case we had forgotten).  This series is getting better with each and every episode – be sure to catch it for yourself so you can see it with your own eyes.  It airs every Friday at 10 pm EST on Starz.

So let’s dive in, shall we?  Morgan invites her brother and his royal entourage to Castle Penndragon for a feast but of course we know she’s up to no good.  As she prepares, she finds a guard within her castle who will do anything for her – and she puts his desires to good use.  More on this later…

When Arthur and the rest of the gang arrive, they are greeted by Morgan who pretends to submit to her brother’s rule.  But Igraine and Merlin aren’t fools (sorry, Arthur) and they know she hasn’t changed a bit.  She entertains them all with salted meat, mead and lots of dancing women.  The men bring the girls to bed and all seems right with the world; that is, until Morgan decides to move forward with her plan.

A shout of “FIRE!” ruins a perfectly good romp in the hay for Arthur’s troops, and they rush to the courtyard.  It’s in flames and Morgan’s plan is perfect – she’s pretending that Castle Penndragon is being invaded by one of Uther’s former enemies, and offers up her troops as a sign of good faith.

Meanwhile Igraine comforts Guinivere and her hand maiden inside and tells them there’s nothing to fear.  Morgan spies, and sees that they love her and hang on her every word. 

Our favorite sorcerer (well, mine) is walking around the castle and appears to catch the nun sending some sort of light signal from one of the windows.  She remains coy, but Merlin’s no dummy and he knows there’s something amiss – he just doesn’t know what yet.

Gawain refuses to stay in the castle any longer and plans to leave to face the enemy himself.  When Leontas tries to stop him, they draw swords and fight.  Finally Arthur steps in and tells them to back off and remain within the castle walls.  Oh, Arthur!  If you had just let Gawain go, he could’ve proved this was all a huge treachery on the part of Morgan. *sigh*

Just then Morgan’s admirer arrives and is badly wounded.  It’s all a ploy, but he says they were attacked by the enemy.  When Arthur’s men expressed earnest desire to slay them in retaliation, Morgan’s sneaky agent replies that it’s not necessary because they had already been slain.

Finally morning light comes.  Arthur and his men pack up and get ready to go back to Camelot.  He extends his sister a place to stay in Camelot but she refuses.  Merlin doesn’t believe what happened actually occurred and refuses to until he sees some bodies.  As Igraine takes a final stroll in the castle, she’s cornered by Morgan.  Did you forget that Morgan can transform into Igraine?  She chains her step-mother to a wall inside the castle, takes her form and heads home with Arthur and the rest of the gang.

What damage can Morgan do while posed as Igraine?  Oh, more than you can imagine…but that’s next week’s recap.

There aren’t many episodes of ‘Camelot’ left so be sure to catch it for yourself!