If you love superheroes and MMOs, we’ve got some great news for you!  You can now fight the evil forces of Doctor Doom with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes in Marvel’s first free-to-play MMO (massively multiplayer online game)!  Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment announced recently that Super Hero Squad Online is now live for kids and parents to enjoy.

Every day is a new adventure with daily combat missions! Battle the mega huge space dragon Fin Fang Foom or match wits with the devilishly clever Doctor Octopus as players build their squad from dozens of available Marvel Super Heroes to save Super Hero City. Unlock trophies, items and abilities as Squaddies level up. Fly through the sky as Falcon or scale walls with Spider Woman while exploring Baxter Plaza and the Daily Bugle.  With console quality graphics players can become the mighty Thor, the seductive Scarlet Witch, the enchanting Elektra or dozens of other favorite Marvel characters.

Imagination comes to life in your very own fully customizable S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Headquarters. Decorate the Bridge, unleash your Super Heroes, and watch them interact with anything and everything available.  Have Hulk go on awesome adventures while Black Widow boogies to the music of the boombox. With thousands of usable items, players will be able to fully deck out their own headquarters for their own unique experience.

Fans can play the game entirely for free or subscribe to unlock additional Super Heroes, missions and rooms for the HQ. Spin the Prize Wheel for additional in-game Gold, Silver and items. This free online kids game is accessible from most browsers without lengthy downloads, so it’s fast and easy for families to jump in and start having fun.

“We’re thrilled to bring some of Marvel’s beloved characters to life in ‘Super Hero Squad Online,” said TQ Jefferson, Vice President of Games Production, Marvel Entertainment. “The world of free-to-play MMO gaming is one that we are excited to be a part of and we look forward to bringing this interactive game to all families.”

“Super Hero Squad Online’ brings characters to life with emotes, items and powers that have been created to fit their personalities and stay true to their histories,” stated Jason Robar, Vice President and Studio Manager for the Seattle-based Gazillion studio, The Amazing Society. “I’ve been a huge fan of Marvel all my life and I’m thrilled to be able to bring the joy I have with this brand in a safe, interactive way to my own kids.”

“Truly, it has been an honor working with Marvel to give life to our vision of the funny and epic world of ‘Super Hero Squad Online.’  Where else can you fight Doctor Doom, wall crawl up the Baxter Building, go flying with your friends and collect a scratching post for Wolverine?  We’ve built an awesome Super Hero theme park, so come and play!” said Jay Minn, Creative Director at The Amazing Society.

Sign up at www.heroup.com to join the fun in ‘Super Hero Squad Online!’