Business is getting serious in Top Cow’s Artifacts #7. It’s also getting more confusing. In the last issue, Aphrodite IV tried to turn the Cyberforce into her pawns and sick them on the “good” Artifacts bearers. The lie didn’t last long, and then Cyberforce turned against her. Sara, as Witchblade, pulled out Aphrodite’s heart. She gained another Artifact because of it – the Coin of Solomon. As they head out the Hunter-Killer team moves in to clean up their mess (nope, I had no idea who the Hunter-Killers were). Meanwhile, the “bad” Artifacts bearers show readers their hand. They have an army of Aphrodite IV clones.

I’ve enjoyed this series from issue #0 released on Free Comic Book Day last year. The concept is exciting, and the potential for big scenes and epic battles is huge. However. Forward progression has really slowed down. The main storyline about the 13 artifacts has been convoluted by the introduction of new characters in each issue. New characters who are not Artifacts bearers. I realize that each person is a player and will probably (hopefully) be important in the final showdown. If not, there has been a lot of page filler. I’ll keep coming back because I’m fascinated by the premise, and I hope the Artifacts and their bearers come back into primary focus.