Welcome to the world of Flashpoint, this summer’s most eagerly anticipated superhero comic book event. Over the course of this summer DC Comics will release 16 supporting mini-series and four one shot stories expanding the world of Flashpoint. This series promises earth shattering consequences as the events of the time shift ripple into the DC Universe. Iconic characters will be re-imagined as new characters are introduced bringing some good-old-fashioned comic book fun to the summer of 2011. Flashpoint is brought to you by New York Times bestselling writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and fan favorite artist Andy Kubert (son of the legendary Joe Kubert).

In the opening pages of Flashpoint, Central City Crime Scene Investigator Barry Allen (you know the Flash) discovers the world has changed. His mother, who was murdered when he was a child, is now alive. The love of his life and “lightening rod” Iris Allen does not recognize him. There is no Justice League, and Barry has to track down this new time stream’s Batman to attempt to solve the mystery of how and why the world has been transformed.

I’m going to geek out a bit here… Flashpoint #1 is pretty epic! From Barry trying to run off and falling down the stairs to the epicly epic twist on the final page. This is some of Geoff Johns’ best writing to kick off a new story since the Sinestro Corps War. And Andy Kubert’s art work captures all the emotions you are supposed to feel reading this story: panic, fear, loss, surprise and hope. I love the world has no Superman, Abin Sur is Green Lantern and Aquaman and Wonder Woman have declared war on our world with both responsible for killing millions of innocent people. One of the nicest surprises… Cyborg is getting some mad love as one of the main heroes protecting America, and is trying to gather heroes and villains to form an army to fight the (allegedly) evil Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

There are a lot of Flashpoint titles and it could be nearly impossible to follow all of the tie-ins and mini-series this summer (let alone the cost). But by following the main title and picking the mini-series that interest you the most should make Flashpoint one wild ride this summer. So run…fast… to your favorite local comic book store and pick up Flashpoint #1.