Here’s some more Gameloft news… Platinum Studios, Inc., an entertainment company that controls an international library of more than 5,000 comic book characters which it adapts, produces and licenses for all forms of media has licensed its top-selling ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ graphic novel to Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games, to produce the video game.

Launching in July 2011, coinciding with the release of the new film by Paramount Pictures, the game will allow players to relive their favorite graphic novel adventure and fight against the alien invasion to protect the human race.

‘Cowboys & Aliens’ tells the story of an alien invasion in the Old West in the late 19th century. The graphic novel was created by Platinum Studios, Inc. Chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and was first published in December 2006, when it became the largest ordered graphic novel of the year.

“We are confident ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ will translate into a great mobile game that not only stays true to the graphic novel, but brings a new experience to a classic license,” said Karine Kaiser, vice president Marketing & Licensing of Gameloft. “Gamers and fans alike will be thrilled.”
“Gameloft understood the opportunity of uniting the Cowboys and Indians to fight against the alien invasion and the cool gadgetry and combat play that it represents,” said Platinum’s Rosenberg. “I can’t wait to play this game on my phone!”

A feature film version of ‘Cowboys & Aliens,’ starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde, directed by Jon Favreau (‘Iron Man’ and ‘Iron Man 2’), executive produced by Steven Spielberg and produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Rosenberg, has been released in North America on July 29, 2011 via DreamWorks and Universal Pictures with Paramount Pictures handling the international release of the picture.