If you missed last night’s episode, then you’ve missed an hour of pretty decent television.  Did I just say that about ‘Thrones?’  Yes, yes – I MIGHT be coming around in terms of this series.  We’ll see.  I will say that I’m becoming happier about watching it so that must count for something, right?

On to the recap.

Little Bran’s paralyzed as we all know.  So imagine his surprise when Tyrion Lannister comes to him with a design for a saddle that will allow him to ride again.  We see the boy smile for the first time since his fall.  Though his brother Robb isn’t as thrilled.  Knowing that his mother believes the Lannisters are responsible for Bran’s injuries, he has good reason to be wary.  But the gift is accepted anyway.

While in Winterfell he tries to find out why Lady Stark wasn’t there to greet him, and he’s told by Theon Greyjoy that she’s not feeling well.  Tyrion doesn’t buy it though and heads out of town.

Later Tyrion runs into Lady Stark at an inn while she’s trying to keep a low profile.  He IDs her and announces to the extremely-packed inn that Lady Stark is present and everyone bows.  At first embarrassed, she begins to greet the different people in the room whom are aligned with her father.  Then, out of nowhere, she accuses Tyrion of trying to kill her son and they come upon him and seize him.  Way to go, Lady Stark!
Meanwhile the Khaleesi’s brother makes the wrong move.  After sharing dragon lore with a slave girl in a bathtub, he comes to his sister’s tent with his ego all inflated.  He resents being summoned for dinner and for having gifts made for him by savages. She reminds him that they aren’t savages at which point he slaps her.  But this time, THIS time, she stands up for herself.  She cuts his face and tells him that the next time he raises a hand to her, he won’t have any hands.  That was a LONG time coming!

Sansa realizes full well that Joffrey hates her but can’t do anything about it.  She’s told by an old woman that one day her son will be brought in front of the court, and she snarkily replies, “What if I only have girls?”  It’s obvious she has no feelings for Joffrey either, and doesn’t plan on ever talking to her father again for the death of her dire wolf.

Ned has his own problems though.  He’s trying to find out how the last King’s Hand died.  An old man tells him it was natural causes but Ned believes it’s foul play.  After some investigative work, he believes he’s stumbled upon the King’s bastard son in a blacksmith shop. 

Arya has bigger dreams and aspirations for herself than just being the wife of a lord.  As she practices her balance she asks her father if she can be a lord.  Her father tells her that she’ll marry a high lord and rule his castle and that her sons will be knights.  She seems a bit shocked and then says, “No, that’s not me” and goes back to her training.  It seems that feminism is alive and well their realm!

At the Wall, Jon Snow and the others are practicing when they see a new recruit arrive.  His name is Samwell, and he’s become Jon’s new watch partner to boot.  Problem?  He’s very cowardly, a bit overweight and just plain not interested in fighting.  The men are a bit cruel to Samwell, but Jon is taken to him and it seems as though they become friends.  He now falls under their protection.

While I’m happy to write recaps, you’ll want to catch the shows for yourself since I can’t cover everything.  So be sure to catch it when it airs!  It’s on every Sunday at 9 pm EST on HBO.