Have you ever played your favorite video game and thought to yourself, “Thank goodness it’s my character running and not me because I’d be exhausted by now!”  No?  Or maybe you’ve played your favorite MMORPG and thought to yourself, “I’m so glad that murloc isn’t chasing me in real life!”   Nobody at all?  Really?  …nevermind.

I have to say I found this very interesting indeed.  Check this out:  this month the first patent was granted for a new technology which will revolutionize the way people interact with their computers. With the first application of this tech you can now literally run and walk through your favorite 3D video games!

You won’t find this technology from Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. However, it is the most accurate and intuitive way to physically “get around” in a 3D digital world today. It also boasts an Engineering & Design award from the Consumer Electronics Association. No wonder it didn’t come from one of the “big three.” With budgets for marketing & hyping like they have, who needs real innovation?

This new interfacing technology is first used in the GameRunner, which plugs directly into any PC, MAC, Laptop or Notebook with a simple USB cord. It’s universally compatible with any computer generated 3D landscape. Just plug it in and you’re ready to start walking, jogging or running (yes, with your legs) right through any 3D landscape or online 3D game, or even Google’s Street View. 

It all started when the GameRunner’s inventor, Charlie Van Noland got tired of his son “destroying chairs” from violently wriggling around while playing 3D computer games. Charlie, an engineer by trade, had an idea that would ultimately far surpass the game controllers which are limited to kicking, swatting, leaning or “stepping-in-place” the big companies have hyped. Yes, children want to move their whole bodies and they can with this new device.

Charlie surmised he could create a controller that would make it necessary to really walk or run to get through these games. He also knew he could make it as real-time accurate as digital mouse & keyboard. After building the first working-prototypes, Charlie built an R & D shop where he created a version of the GameRunner which could be made available at an affordable price.  Now Charlie’s working on other exciting applications for this technology.

While drafting the patent claims, Charlie and Joy realized that this approach to human interface devices (HID) had never been attempted before, even though it is the only real solution to the many perceived limitations in human interfacing.  The first application in the GameRunner has many practical and fun benefits. For instance, on the GameRunner, when you step gingerly around a corner to take a peek at your enemy, or suddenly sprint, that’s what you see in the game, in real coordination. It’s also got laser-perfect aim and steering, along with more thumb-and-finger accessible controls than you can map. Yes, you’re really chasing that alien now.  Or maybe it’s chasing you?

The GameRunner has been released as of April 25.  Experience what it’s like to walk or run through your favorite game now!  Check out www.gamerunner.com for more information.