Former ‘Heroes’ and current ‘Hawaii Five-o’ star Masi Oka has set up a pilot deal with the Syfy Channel for the time travel series ‘The Correctors’. According to the Hollywood Reporter,OKa, who will executive produce and possibly star in the series, is working with writer Alex Sebeti (‘Art of Cool’) who pen the pilot script. Oka and Sebeti developed the story together.

‘The Correctors’ will follow two agents, part of the “Exceptions Bureau”, who are dispatched to a parallel universe where they inhabit the bodies of their identical selves in order to stop events from occurring. Described as “Inception-esque”, ‘The Correctors’ sounds bit reminiscent of Oka’s role on ‘Heroes’ playing the space-time continuum bending Hiro Nakamura.

It’s certainly great to hear that the Syfy Channel is actually developing more original science fiction shows. The network currently has a two-hour pilot-in-the-can for the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ spin-off ‘BSG: Blood & Chrome’ and the superhero-oriented ‘Alphas’. Let’s hope ‘The Correctors’ makes it past a pilot script phase. Oka’s involvement certainly bodes well for a possibly good outcome.