As ‘Green Lantern’ #8 wrapped, we learned that the Indigo Tribe had been founded by the legendary Lantern Abin Sur and that their members were ex-villains that had been converted to their little group. As the issue closed, things took a turn when the Indigo Tribe attempted to convert Sinestro.

In the opening pages of this issue, we’re given a look into the process of conversion into the Indigo Tribe. Sinestro is forced to look at all of the moments that his actions have harmed other people and, more importantly, how he hurt the people that he loved. The Tribe tell Hal that they are now keeping Sinestro and that Hal is free to go. Hal says he’s not leaving without Sinestro and flees into the “Forbidden Forest” so that he can rethink his plan of attack.

In the Forbidden Forest, Hal meets a mysterious figure that explains the origins of the Indigo Tribe and hints at a dark time to come for all of the Lantern Corps. To highlight these ominous predictions, we’re given a few brief interludes that show the Guardians of the Universe continuing their search for the Book of the Black. As the issue closes, things do indeed take a turn for the worse.

Geoff Johns entered the Green Lantern universe when he brought Hal Jordan back from the dead during ‘Green Lantern: Rebirth’ mini-series. Since then, he’s continually expanded on the universe-spanning mythology of the various Corps and established them even moreso into the history of the entire DC Universe. Sure… it’s made the Lantern titles a little less “user friendly” than some of the other DC titles but, if you give it a chance, you’ll be in for an epic universe-spanning adventure with a lot of great characters at its heart.

Verdict: Buy

Written by GEOFF JOHNS