Wow.  I just caught a glimpse of the ‘Batman Live’ costumes and, while you can make your own decision, in my opinion they’re not as terrible as most people are making them out to be. While yes, technically Batman’s costume makes him look like Ironman with bat ears, the others aren’t so bad…are they?

In case you’re not familiar with ‘Batman Live,’ it’s a live action play that’s set to hit the road this summer.  Unlike the Spiderman musical fiasco (where mysterious mishaps and injuries keep occurring), ‘Batman Live’ will feature pyrotechnics, stunts, video screen sequences and illusions.
‘Batman Live’will focus on the story of young Dick Grayson (Robin), a circus performer who loses his parents to organized crime which leads him to follow in the footsteps of his hero, the mysterious vigilante known as the Batman – much to the dismay of his protective guardian, millionaire Bruce Wayne – who secretly happens to be Batman.

This dynamic triangle resolves itself in a non-stop thrill-ride across Gotham City that transforms Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson into the legendary crime-fighters Batman and Robin and transports the audience from the Big Top of Haly’s Circus to the lower depths of Arkham Asylum – from the glittering peaks of the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge to the subterranean wonders that await inside the Batcave, which features a revolutionary, all-new Batmobile designed exclusively for ‘Batman Live.’

‘Batman Live’ will tour arenas for the first time ever across the UK and Europe, beginning in summer 2011 and arriving in North America by summer 2012. Opening in Manchester on 19th July 2011 and visiting Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield, Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Dublin and Belfast, tickets for ‘Batman Live’ are on sale now.

A unique and innovative theatrical experience, ‘Batman Live’ is an arena spectacular that combines acrobatics, daredevil stunt work, illusions, and cutting-edge design to bring the adventures of Batman and Robin to life on stage for the first time in the characters’ history.
“The passion the creative team behind BATMAN LIVE shares for the character can be seen throughout every aspect of this production,” said Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment. “And the storyline, the origin of Robin, is something that is going to create a truly unforgettable live show.”

Allan Heinberg will be writing ‘Batman Live.’ His writing and producing credits include: ‘Party of Five,’ ‘Sex and the City,’ Gilmore Girls,’ ‘The OC,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘The Amazon’s Voice,’ his first play. Heinberg also developed the animated series ‘Legion of Super Heroes’ for Warner Bros. Animation. He is the writer and co-creator of Marvel Comic’s ‘Young Avengers’ and currently writes ‘Marvel’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade.’ His other comics work includes ‘JLA’ (with Geoff Johns), ‘Superman/Batman,’ ‘Wonder Woman,’ and ‘Uncanny X-Men.’
Allan Heinberg is joined by comic book legends, Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett, in the creation of the original story.

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