‘Smallville’ is back, which of course is bittersweet.  It’s great to have our show back again, but yet this was the final hiatus before it’s gone for good. *sigh*  Oh well.  All good things must come to an end at some point, right?

The show begins with Clark and Lois getting an early wedding gift from his mother, Martha – the deed to the farmhouse.  Both look perplexed as they try to determine what the better option would be – selling it or keeping it.  Martha left no indication of what she wanted done with it, only that it belonged to them now.

As they struggle with this decision, the forever-evil Clark Luthor enters the scene and sends our beloved farm boy back to his dimension, crushing the crystal to ensure he would be stuck there.  Our Clark arrives during the funeral of Oliver Queen and witnesses Jonathan Kent behaving badly during the ceremony.  He’s able to convince Lois that he’s from another dimension.  Lois agrees to help him.

In the meantime, Lois doesn’t realize that this isn’t her Clark and confesses that Tess can track Lionel via GPS.  He pays a visit to Tess and she’s able to figure out by Clark Luthor’s mannerisms that he’s not the real Clark.  He then makes Tess an offer she literally could not refuse and tells her to meet him for dinner.  At the restaurant, the evil Clark tells her that she’ll help him kill their father or he’ll kill her instead.

While this is occurring, Emil and Lois work feverishly to restore Clark’s crystal to bring him home.  Apparently Clark Kent thought he destroyed it but Emil saved it to study it further.

In the alternate world our Clark meets up with his father who holds him hostage with green kryptonite.  Not realizing he doesn’t have the evil Clark in his midst, our beloved hero works to convince his father of who he is.  Jonathan’s aggression comes losing Martha and from his farm being bought out by Oliver Queen so that the ground could be plundered for meteor rock.  His dad’s plan?  Turn the evil Clark in for reward money so he could buy his land back.

Clark manages to have a heart-to-heart with his father and just as they’re about to embrace, Emil activates the crystal and whisks him back to his correct reality.

Tess and Evil Clark return to Luthor Corp. where she gives him a GPS tracker to show where their father is.  Unfortunately for her, she changes the coordinates as he rushes to kill him.  He comes right back and in a fit of anger plunges her through the window, holding her by her throat.  Our hero speeds through and saves her, and challenges Clark Luthor.  The pair arrive at the Fortress of Solitude, and our Clark tries to appeal to Clark Luthor to give up Lionel’s evil influence.  Shortly thereafter, Jor-el begins to communicate to evil Clark.

Back at the farm Lois tells her Clark that he needs to try to let go of the comforts of the past, and he agrees.  Happily they decide to move to Metropolis.

Back in the parallel world, Jonathan Kent decides to pay Martha a visit at her home.