Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ is coming to the silver screen and Javier Bardem is that much closer to closing a deal to portray Roland Deschain.  According to Deadline, the movie is planned as a trilogy and is based on the 7-novel series.  In between the filming of each movie will be a limited run television series.  Filming begins in September with Ron Howard as director. 

After having achieved acclaim and won an Oscar for his role as a hit man in ‘No Country For Old Men,’ Bardem is believed to be the perfect actor to portray the valiant gunslinger Deschain.

Mike Fleming reported that “Bardem’s WME reps are putting the finishing touches on the deal, and they are close enough that Howard has begun meeting with other actors to cast the roles around Bardem. It’s a complex deal, almost unprecedented, because it calls for Bardem to star in the feature film and the TV component. His deal will also include options for two sequels (the TV program that runs between the second and third films will be a prequel). I’m told it will add up to a career-best payday for Bardem.”

While this is still in pre-production, it looks like this film has some serious potential.  Of course we need to wait and see who else is casted and how the end product looks, but Stephen King’s work is highly popular and hopefully ‘The Dark Tower’ will adapt well to the silver screen.