Fans of ‘Dragonriders of Pern,’ brace yourselves – your favorite book series is about to become a live-action feature.

According to Deadline, David Hayter will be the one to write the script for ‘Dragonflight,’ the first book in a series of 22 novels generated by Anne McCaffrey. 

Mike Fleming of Deadline had this to say about it:  “Steve Hoban’s Copperheart Entertainment has teamed with Hayter and Benedict Carver’s Dark Hero Studios and Angry Films partners Don Murphy and Susan Montford on the project. Entertainment One is also a partner and has gotten the project off the ground by acquiring distribution in Canada, with talks ongoing to acquire numerous other territories that will include the UK and Australia.”

The first book was published in 1968, and in a whole, they span several thousands of years from its start to where it is now.  But even with the passing of generations of characters, the series has continued and is still being written this day. For those not familiar with the series, the initial book focuses on an elite group of warriors who ride on the backs of giant, telepathic fire-breathing dragons in a brave attempt to save the planet of Pern from destruction.

So what does this mean?  You should be seeing your favorite heroes of McCaffrey’s stories on the silver screen in the not too distant future.  ‘Dragonriders of Pern’ has had to wait quite awhile for this opportunity but perhaps the wait is a good thing.  There’s no doubt that visual effects are done with the most advanced technology these days, and for an epic tale such as this, it definitely deserves the best.