The superhero comedy situations continue in issue 3 of Love and Capes Ever After. Mark and Abby are putting the finishing touches on the house so they can move. Abby’s sister Charlotte comes to visit Darkblade, and Amazonia gets bent out of shape with envy. Abby attends her high school reunion. All normal day sort of things but with a terrific superhero twist.This comic never fails to make me laugh out loud. The situations are utterly relatable, and the characters deliver wit and snark with exacting precision. Scenes like the one on the first page – just Darkblade and the Crusader talking about mundane things on top of a building while sipping coffee – pull me in. These superheroes aren’t broody or damaged; they’re just doing their jobs and saving the world. The comic is about relationships, but I feel like this issue delved into more feelings than usual. For example, Darkblade and Amazonia talked through some important topics while flying above the city to search for Evil Brain. It hits the right note of serious and lighthearted.

Because of the layout of the panels, I feel like I get more story per issue of Love and Capes than any other comic. That said, the dialogue never feels like it’s crowding out the art. Words and illustrations both get plenty of screen time, and they complement each other. I’m looking forward to getting issue #4 next month!