Batman enters the mix, which I suppose is fitting as he is the other third of DC’s trinity.  After being blasted by Apollo’s solar energy, Superman is experiencing power overload, which concerns Bruce.  The two heroes actually have a pretty interesting exchange, where they discuss the trinity’s dynamic, echoing a lot of readers’ thoughts on the heroes.

General Zod arrives on Earth and after taking down members of the Justice League of America, seems to surrender upon the arrival of Wonder Woman and Superman.

Later Diana gives Superman a Christmas present, but the issue climaxes with bad news.

One strength this book demonstrates is a nice balance between the two lead characters.  Many feared that Wonder Woman would be demeaned and turned into Superman’s inferior girlfriend, but her strengths are really highlighted and the book balances their worlds.  Doomsday and Zod are Superman villains, but Apollo, Hephaestus and Strife have also appeared and a new supporting character, former Amazon Hessia has been introduced on WW’s side of things.

One thing that’s bugged me about Wonder Woman’s solo title is that it is completely self-contained.  There’s no indication that the book even takes place in the DC universe.  This book rectifies that.  Obviously Superman and Wonder Woman interact, but as I said, Batman plays a part and the JLA makes an appearance.

The storytelling and dialogue are both really solid, as is the art.  Tony S. Daniel has already proven himself as extremely reliable and he doesn’t come up short here one bit.  His detail work is excellent and intricate.  I wasn’t a fan of the Jim Lee-designed New 52 costumes, particularly Superman’s and Batman’s which I found overly fussy with random stupid lines that made no sense and were just there to make them look more detailed.  Daniel takes those overworked designs and actually make me like them, so applause!

I’m a big Wonder Woman fan, so like most, I went into this book with a little hesitation, but it’s vastly surpassed my expectations!



Written by Charles Soule
Art and Cover by Tony S. Daniel