According to Deadline, Marvel Studios has added writer Drew Pearce for the next Iron Man sequel in the franchise.

Apparently Marvel liked Pearce’s recent work for Marvel’s ‘Runaways’. ‘Runaways’ is a Marvel project based on the cult comic of the same name by Brian K. Vaughn (‘Lost’, ‘Y The Last Man’, ‘Ex Machina’). That story follows a group of children whose parents are super villains, but the children use their inherited evil powers for good. British writer Pearce is known for his irreverent television series ‘No Heroics’ which is about a bar hangout for superheroes who aren’t allowed to use their powers while drinking. Although director Pete Sollett (‘Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist’) is attached to ‘Runaways’, the project seems to have stalled recently with Marvel concentrating on their tentpole characters like ‘Iron Man’.

‘Iron Man 3’ also recently added director Shane Black (‘Lethal Weapon’, ‘Long Kiss Goodnight’) replacing ‘Iron Man 1& 2’ director Jon Favreau. Robert Downey Jr., who worked with Black on ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’, is set to reprise his role as “Tony Stark/Iron Man”.

‘Iron Man’ took in $585 million at the worldwide box office, while its first sequel, ‘Iron Man 2’, did $622 million worldwide. ‘Iron Man 3’ is set to released by Disney on May 3, 2013.