She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power

The new animated Netflix series, ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ finally makes its debut later this week, and a new clip has been released in anticipation of the remake of the old classic!

Netflix released the special sneak peek that gives fans a better look at Catra. In the footage, Catra wanders the ruins of a city, being led by a robed woman. She is forced to kneel before a formidable villain called Hordak. While Catra seems nervous in the beginning, her demeanor quickly changes when she learns she’s been promoted.

With Adora gone, the Evil Horde tries to fill the void she left behind. Catra is then promoted to Force Captain in Adora’s absence, and she is given a token to commemorate the occasion.

The character of Catra comes from the original ‘She-Ra’ series as a former friend of Adora who supports Hordak’s fleet while Adora buys into the rebellion. Catra’s alliance to Hordak means the end of her friendship with Adora, and puts her at odds with the rest of the rebellion.

Check out the synopsis for the new series below:

Adora’s destiny turns out to be far greater than she could have ever imagined. As the legendary warrior princess, She-Ra, it’s up to her and a spirited group of rebel princesses to restore balance in Etheria by defending it from the place she once called home.

The first season of ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ hits Netflix on November 13. Check out the new clip below!