On April 5, ‘Tron’ fans young and old can finally get their hands on the new ‘Tron: Legacy Reconfigured’ album being released by Walt Disney Records.  It’s definitely an eclectic mix of acclaimed DJs, remixers and producers from all points of the globe with their own fresh take on select tracks from the original film score, composed by Daft Punk.  

Many listeners will recognize the different artists who collaborated on this album including multi-platinum artist Moby with “The Son of Flynn”; “The Grid” by platinum-selling electronic music duo The Crystal Method (Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland); and “End of Line” by award-winning German electronic music producer and DJ, Boys Noize (Alexander Ridha).  Another highlight on the album is “Fall” which features a collaboration between electronic/dream pop act M83 and Jonathan Bates’ Big Black Delta.  It will be also feature remixes of selections from the original motion picture soundtrack.

 The 15-track album was produced by Mitchell Leib, President of Music and Soundtracks for the Walt Disney Studios and Jason Bentley, “TRON: Legacy” Music Supervisor.

From the album’s liner notes, Bentley says: “’Reconfigured’ now brings the music full circle, assembling some of the leading producers of Dance and Electronic music today to, in the words of Zuse, ‘Change the scheme, alter the mood…electrify the boys and girls.’ The results are a thrilling collection of biodigital jazz for disco denizens worldwide that pays homage to Daft Punk’s own legacy through the modern art of the remix.”

Leib adds: “This is the most natural and respectful extension of our Tron soundtrack legacy and one which embraces the electronica club roots of its artistic invention.  Now the entire world can dance to the sounds of The Grid. ”

The RECONFIGURED track list follows:

1. The Glitch Mob – “Derezzed”  
2.  M83 VS Big Black Delta – “Fall”  
3.  The Crystal Method – “The Grid”  
4.  Teddybears – “Adagio for TRON” 
5.   Ki:Theory – “The Son of Flynn”  
6.  Paul Oakenfold – “C.L.U.”  
7.  Moby – “The Son of Flynn”  
8.  Boys Noize – “End of Line” (Boys Noize Remix)  
9.  Kaskade – “Rinzler”  
10.  Com Truise – “Encom Part 2”
11.  Photek – “End of Line”  
12.  The Japanese Popstars – “Arena”  
13.  Avicii – “Derezzed”  
14.  Pretty Lights – “Solar Sailer” 
15.  Sander Kleinenberg – “TRON Legacy (End Titles)”
 ‘Tron: Legacy Reconfigured’ will be available wherever music is sold on April 5, 2011. For additional information on the album, please visit tronlegacymusic.com.  For more information on Walt Disney Records’ releases, be sure to visit Disney.com/music.