There’s no doubt that men dominate the field of game development.  While female gamers are becoming more and more numerous in the MMO and gaming world, we’re definitely still outnumbered in that particular field.  See, we geeky girls like technology as much as the guys do and for some of us, nothing would make us happier than pursuing a career in game development.  Maybe all we need is a little encouragement to join this exciting and competitive field.   And Sony is doing their best to motivate women to take their passion for gaming and put it toward designing and publishing content that will fascinate and entertain people worldwide.

Sony Online Entertainment LLC announced today it is now accepting applications for the fourth annual Gamers In Real Life (G.I.R.L.) scholarship at The winning student will be awarded up to $10,000 toward tuition and other educational expenses and a paid internship of up to 10 weeks at one of SOE’s development studios (room, board, transportation and living expenses not included).

“The most recent industry studies show that although a large percentage of the game playing population is female, they make up only about one in every 10 game developers,” said Laura Naviaux, vice president of global sales and marketing at SOE. “For the fourth year in a row, SOE is committed to encouraging women to pursue an exciting and rewarding career of developing fun and innovative games for everyone.”

Together with Scholarship America, a leading non-profit educational support program, SOE is using its status as a leader in online gaming to encourage students to consider a career in the video game industry.

To be eligible to participate, entrants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program related to video games, including video game art, design, animation, production, programming or visual effects, must not graduate before the end of the 2012 spring term and must comply with the program’s official rules. Entrants are required to complete an online application along with two pieces of original concept art and one essay that will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Online applications must be completed and submitted on or before April 6, 2011. SOE will announce the winner on or about May 16, 2011.

More information on G.I.R.L., including the official rules for entry and profiles of past winners, is available at