To offer even more convenience to gamers, Zeevex (an InComm company providing an open virtual currency through national retailers) has announced that it has signed agreements with Goozex, 2Pay, Snail Games, Quest Online, and Gamania.  Each game publisher will take advantage of the growing distribution network of the Zeevex Virtual Currency Cards at over 50,000 retail locations in the U.S. making things that much more convenient for gamers.

If you play a game that accepts virtual currency cards, chances are you’re familiar with Zeevex even if you don’t recognize their company name.  With Zeevex you can exchange tokens for virtual items, movies, music, and other great digital stuff!  Gamers can pick up a Zeevex virtual currency card from any retail partner across the USA.  The unique micro-transaction platform allows you to control how much you want to spend.

“We are very excited to continue to sign up new partners who can immediately benefit from the monetization opportunities that Zeevex provides,” said Brian Parlotto, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products and International. “Our gamer friendly Zeevex open virtual currency platform not only provides our game partners with immediate revenue opportunities, but it also allows us to drive new business and revenue into our industry-leading retail distribution network.”

With regard to their partnership decision, the publishers point to several competitive advantages offered by Zeevex. Each highlights Zeevex as one of the quickest opportunities to monetize their digital content. Additionally, they point to the Zeevex Digital Locker which represents valuable advertising and a tool they can leverage for user acquisition and retention. Rounding out the picture, Zeevex is the user-friendly solution available in national retailers that is safe and secure for the entire family to use.

Goozex – Goozex (short for “Goods Exchange”) is the leading online trading community for video games and movies. It provides the most advanced, feature-rich, and customer-acclaimed platform to trade products for other products. It was rated best in class by many industry experts, including Electronic Gaming Monthly, Games Radar, and Cheapassgamer.

2Pay – 2pay is the largest payment aggregator in Eastern Europe now expanding globally, providing payments to online games and selling game time cards throughout the world. Gamers can buy game time or in-game virtual currency in more than 300 online and PC games using the most popular and exotic payment methods.

Snail Games – Developed with one core purpose, Snail Games USA, brings new and exciting games to the North American market.  The Snail Games Free2Play model gives players the ability to test drive our products without a financial contribution, while the quality of the titles keeps them glued to their seats, hungry for more! With titles like Heroes of Gaia, one test drive is all it takes! Snail Games

Quest Online – Quest Online, LLC is the publisher of MMORPG Alganon the fantasy-based MMORPG that allows online gamers to play together in a virtual world that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, ancient places to discover, the utilization of detailed tradeskills, and more. 

Gamania – Award winning global developer and publisher of online and social games, Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. continues to expand their advanced game publishing platform with hit games including Beanfun! and Hero 108 Online. 

Founded in 2008 and acquired by InComm in 2010, Zeevex is the leading open virtual currency available in national retailers. The Zeevex Digital Locker allows gamers to manage their virtual lives, while helping brick and mortar retailers, as well as hundreds of online content providers, generate new revenue. Zeevex is located in Atlanta. For more information, visit Zeevex.