Yesterday was just another day in Mystic Falls, right? Wrong. Keep reading to find out what’s been happening and who’s feuding with (or feeding on) whom on ‘The Vampire Diaries.’

In “The House Guest” Katherine is staying in the Salvatore home and to say she’s getting under everyone’s skin is the understatement of the century. Despite the mind games she plays, Elena and the Salvatore brothers know they need to keep her around because her knowledge of the area plays a vital role in killing Clause.

Meanwhile tensions continue to arise between Jenna and Alaric. The knowledge that he’s hiding something is eating at her constantly, and his unwillingness to open up about his wife’s death is making things that much more difficult. Even with the ring back in his possession, it seems as though Johnathan Gilbert reneged on his offer to fix this issue because the discussion keeps coming up. But for now Jenna is pulling away and Ric still isn’t talking.

Jonas believes he can’t trust Elena or the Salvatore brothers and that only Elijah can help him get his daughter back from Clause. Despite Luka’s protests, Jonas convinces him that an astral projection spell to find Elijah’s body is completely safe and will help them more than the brothers ever would. Reluctantly Luka astrally projects into the Salvatore home and while Damon and Katherine can sense him, they cannot see him. He makes his way for the basement and attempts to slide the dagger out of Elijah’s chest (thus bringing him back to life) but Katherine intercepts and plunges the dagger back in its place. Luka, still in his invisible form, is told by his father to get a stake and pierce it through Katherine’s heart, but Damon arrives on the scene and uses what looks like a mini flame thrower in the direction of Elijah’s body, thus torching Luka in the process. Luka dies which throws Jonas into a grief-stricken rage.

With most of the gang now at Grills, Caroline and Matt get back together after she sings a song for him onstage while professing her love to him. As they get into a heavy make-out session in the bathroom, Jonas arrives on the scene and demands Bonnie to tell him where Elena is. Bonnie refuses and Jonas starts to torch the bar with magical fire. A skirmish ensues and Matt is hurt in the process. Caroline saves him by feeding him her blood. The gang escapes and returns to the house.

Once there, Katherine (posing as Elena) goes upstairs and is ganked by Jonas, but she maims him before he can strike. Debilitated, he grabs Bonnie’s face as she leans over him and in one motion Katherine breaks his neck. Later we find out from Bonnie’s conversation with Jeremy that he gave her back her powers plus the knowledge of what she needs to kill Clause.

At Elena’s house the doorbell rings. When Jenna answers it she’s shocked to find Isabel standing at the door. Matt comes to and realizes that Caroline is a vampire but he’s less than accepting toward her now.

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