‘Sanctum’ made its debut this weekend, but the James Cameron produced 3D film drew only $9.2 million placing second to ‘The Roomate’ which took in $15.6 million. ‘Sanctum’ distributor Universal said the debut was in line with expectations given it was Super Bowl weekend.

In it’s second weekend, ‘The Rite’ starring Anthony Hopkins (‘The Wolfman’, ‘The Silence of the Lambs’), found a 62% drop in receipts, scaring up only $5.5 million after taking the top spot last weekend with $15 million.

‘The Green Hornet’ continues to do good business slipping just one place to 5th in its fourth weekend with $6.1 million. It’s currently poised to cross the $90 million domestic box office line this week with its current cume at $87.2 million.

The $13 million budgeted fantasy thriller ‘Black Swan’ held onto 10th place and is headed to a $100 million gross at the domestic box office. Despite shedding a third of its screens, ‘Tron: Legacy’ is still in the top 15 and grossed an additional $1.3 million bringing its total domestic gross to $168.7 million.

1. ‘The Roomate’ $15.6
2. ‘Sanctum’ $9.2
3. ‘No Strings Attached’ $8.4
4. ‘The King’s Speech’ $8.3
5. ‘The Green Hornet’ $6.1
6. ‘The Rite’ $5.5
7. ‘The Mechanic’ $5.3
8. ‘True Grit’ $4.7
9. ‘The Dilemma’ $3.4
10. ‘Black Swan’ $3.4