launched roughly one month ago right before the holidays. Because of the holidays we consider that our soft launch. For us it was important to get the website up, meet the community and start building our content. Our goal is to have an official launch sometime mid to late February. In order to do that we need your help.

Do you have any feedback for us so far? If yes we’d love to hear it.

Are you a writer, graphic artist or a digital cartoonist?

If your answer is YES then WE WANT YOU!

Writers – (Book, Comic and Game Reviewers and News Reporters) Must be creative individuals with vast knowledge of Science Fiction and Fantasy that ranges from old school “hard core” sci-fi and into today’s pop culture.

Graphic Designer – Visionaries should apply for a chance to do some design work on our site. Here’s your opportunity to work on a project and showcase your talent in a very public way!

Cartoonist – We are looking to add a Sunday comic strip. You will be responsible for concept and artwork.

All positions are work from home. Applicants must have an ability to meet deadlines and show proof of prior experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in applying click here and provide as much information about yourself as possible.