Technology lovers, watch out! There’s a new tablet on the market that’s considered better than the iPad. The Motorola Mobility’s Xoom tablet computer was named the best gadget at the huge Consumer Electronic Show (CES) on Saturday. Powered by new “Honeycomb” software by Google, this long awaited tablet computer will be available this spring.

The Motorola Xoom is the first tablet with a dual-core processor and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) – powered specifically for tablets. It features front and rear facing cameras, a camcorder and Adobe Flash Player, all on a generous 10.1-inch display for easy viewing.

What makes this achievement so noteworthy is the fact that Motorola was able to capture the title of Best Gadget at the CES despite an Apple iPad-dominated market. And not only did it win against Apple, but it also won against the scores of other competitors, both fresh and seasoned.

“We took big risks and they paid off,” said Motorola Mobility chief software engineer Seang Chau. “We didn’t know if people would get it; but obviously they got it.”

US telecom maker Motorola Mobility jumped into the bustling tablet computer market Wednesday when chief executive Sanjay Jha unveiled Xoom at CES.

“Xoom will be a fierce competitor in the marketplace because Google built Honeycomb software just to power tablet computers”, according to Jha.

With a 10.1-inch (25.6-centimeter) screen, the Xoom is about the same size as Apple’s iPad, which premiered in April and has other leading technology companies around the world scrambling to catch up.

“This is really the next generation of tablets,” Motorola Mobility device team head Alain Mutricy said as he held a Xoom in one hand at the awards ceremony.

The Xoom will have supporting accessories, some of which are a wireless keyboard, a standard dock and a portfolio case.

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