Attention fans of vampire lore and legend! A young adult fantasy novel titled ‘Of Light and Darkness’ has been acquired by Decadent Publishing and is gearing up for release sometime in 2011.

Based on a feature film currently in development, ‘Of Light and Darkness’ breathes new life into the modern day vampire story with new characters and plot developments. This book is the first in a series of five, and author Shayne Leighton feels as though her story could compete with other popular book sagas such as Harry Potter and Twilight.

Abandoned as an infant in Prague, Charlotte Ruzikova was adopted by Valek, one of the last Vampires left alive by ‘The Regime’. Nearly twenty years later, genocide and war conflicts their secret society nestled in the center of Eastern Europe. But when the dictator in power becomes threatened by evil lurking in Valek’s past and the retaliation he plans for the future, Charlotte must find a way to fight for the only one she has ever loved, and the only thing she has ever truly believed in – and all before the sun comes up.

Leighton is quoted on her blog as saying, “I am so excited to announce Of Light and Darkness has been acquired by Decadent Publishing and I could not be more thrilled! It has been a long road of about five years total that it has taken me to write, edit and seek publishing for my debut novel. I really hope that you’ll read and enjoy it.”

Look for ‘Of Light and Darkness’ sometime this year at your favorite bookstore, and in the meantime you can visit ( for updates on its release and more information.