On his Facebook account, Vin Diesel showed a sneak peek of some artwork for the next chapter in ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ and a little teaser about his character’s appearance.

“So the director of Riddick, my partner on COR [The Chronicles of Riddick] since the beginning, DT [David Twohy]… has a new challenge in store. He wants me to have 3 different body looks for this next chapter…There is the DiNorscio type, the Dom type, and the lean Furyan type… but all in the same movie, haha…When it comes to art, we all like a challenge.”

The body types refer to 3 of Diesel’s films: the softer Jackie DiNorscio (‘Find Me Guilty’), musclehead Dom Toretto (‘Fast and the Furious’) and the agile and deadly Riddick (‘Pitchblack’, ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’).

No word on a production start or release date for the film.