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If you’ve been a Toy News Tuesday reader, then you’re no stranger to Funko or their POP! Vinyl line. This toyline quickly took the collecting world by storm and seems to only be getting bigger and bigger with each passing week!

This year at Toy Fair 2015, Funko had arguably more new products to unveil than any other toy company! It’s safe to say that Funko and their POP! Vinyl line (along with their bevy of other popular collector aimed toylines) are here to stay! This weekend they revealed over one hundred new figures for their POP! Vinyl line, and we’re here to showcase all of them for you! We aren’t going to delve too deep here, but just give you the basics of who has been revealed this weekend!

21 Jump Street

funko pop 21 jump street


funko pop antman

Battlestar Galactica

funko pop BSG

Batman: Arkham

funko pop arkham

Boondock Saints

funko pop boondock saints

Bravest Warriors

Funko POP Bravest Warriors

The Breakfast Club

funko pop breakfast club

Disney Cars

funko pop cars

Disney Princess

funko pop disney

Doctor Who

funko pop doctor who

The Elder Scrolls

funko pop elder scrolls

Family Guy

funko pop family guy

The Fifth Element and Talladega Nights

Funko pop fifth element

Arrow & The Flash

funko pop flash arrow


Funko POP Futurama

Game of Thrones

funko pop game of thrones

Garbage Pail Kids

funko pop garbage pail kids

Harry Potter

funko pop haryy potter


funko pop horror

Agents of SHIELD

funko pop melinda may

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

funko pop monty python

The Munsters

Funko POP Munsters

Orange Is The New Black and Friends

funko pop orange is the new black friends

Peanuts and Sesame Street

funko pop peanuts sesame st

Dreamworks Animation

funko pop penguins shrek kung fu panda

The Rockey Horror Picture Show

funko pop rocky horror


funko pop superbad


funko pop tomorrowland

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

funko pop vacation


funko pop vikings

POP Rides Deadpool

pop Rides Deadpool

And of course, to top it all off, the team over at managed to get some exclusive news about a new line of POP!s from Funko CEO Brian Mariotti! Funko will be producing a series of four brand new POP! Vinyl figures based on ‘Iconic Park Characters’ from Disney Parks! While we aren’t 100% certain quite what that means yet or what characters they might be, these POP! Vinyl figures will be new characters that have never been done before, and will be sold exclusively at Disney Parks!

funko pop disneyworld

Major thanks to some of the other sites like,, and TNI for getting these massive amounts of images of these great new Funko Products out to the masses! Be sure to check them out for more Funko related galleries! We bring it all together here so you can find all the news you need to know!