‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Karen Gillan’s Esquire Shoot Is Out Of This World

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karen Gillan

Next month, former ‘Doctor Who’ companion Karen Gillan can be seen in James Gunn’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ as Nebula, one of Thanos’ deadly daughters. But before fans see her don the blue skin and shaved head in the upcoming sci-fi adventure from Marvel Studios, she strips down to her underwear for Esquire Magazine.

Here we take a look at the actress’ return to her modeling roots for a photoshoot in the August issue of Esquire. The hot Scot also rocks her long, red locks that made her famous alongside the Eleventh Doctor as Amelia Pond. However, looks can be deceiving. But before we get to that, you can check out the pictures below:

Karen Gillan Esquire 1

Karen Gillan Esquire 2

Karen Gillan Esquire 3

In addition to the photos, Esquire has released a pair of videos showing off Gillan’s fun side. In the first video, she shares her comedic chops by telling a joke. Then in the second one, she sheds the intergalactic villain persona of Nebula (among other things) and teaches us some Scottish colloquialisms from her homeland.

If the wig in the second video surprises you, the story goes that when Marvel asked her to shave her head for ‘Guardians’, they had a wig made from her hair. I assume that this wig is the same one that Gillan used at last year’s San Diego Comic Con and for Matt Smith’s final episode as the Doctor where she made one last appearance beside her raggedy man. However, I gotta say that she didn’t really need it for this shoot since she’s a gorgeous woman with or without her trademark ginger hair.

What do you think of Karen Gillan’s photoshoot in Esquire Magazine? Do you think that she should have posed with or without the wig? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ starring Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan, Benicio Del Toro, and Michael Rooker blasts off on August 1st, 2014.  

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  • chivesessed

    With a face like that, hair is irrelevant. Loved her as A.P.

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  • Jeremy Parks

    I never realized this was her in the movie! Awesome!!

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  • vic5014

    Karen IS a gorgeous woman without the hair, but as her most recognizable and distinctive feature, the flaming red hair DEFINITELY helps her stand out. Well, that and Amy’s delightful Scottish accent and expressions “You let them all die first”, anyone?

  • mikeylab

    holy God she is beautiful

  • FallenAngel

    she is the best doctors assitant …ever

  • ls

    A true beauty with or without the hair, I quite agree.

  • Indigo Wizard

    Dang she fine!

  • Masshuuil Thulcandra

    Karen is SO adorable – I want one!

  • vangpo

    Is it weird that I think she’s hotter bald? Like bald everywhere….

    • Pedro Ferreira

      How do you know she’s bald everywhere?

  • Jenny

    Duh, she was on DOCTOR WHO FIRST!

    • frankgrimes78

      They obviously with the recognizable accomplishments, my gf’s 13 yr old watches Dr.Who, lol.

  • I miss Amelia Pond

  • EvenSarahJaneWasBetter

    I’m normally a big fan of redheads, but… Gag me with a rat. I think a refrigerator is probably more attractive. Though admittedly, that’s probably because I wanted the Doctor to open the TARDIS doors and kick both her and Rory out into space, where they would quickly suffocate and implode in a most heinous fashion.

    • Oh, smeg off.

    • Michael85

      die of cancer

    • Dude Dude

      You should probably see an optometrist about that eye sight problem

  • volkerball85

    I was not prepared for these pics. Call an ambulance.


    I love her accent…could listen to her talk for hours…love Karen Gillan

    • david milligan

      1001 Dittos! Love her above all the other Doctor’s companions! Wish she could find another series, using her delightful Scottish accent.

  • Ceahkrit Iamme

    Couldn’t she have found better “dainties” to put on for her revealing pics? Those look like they were put through the washer too many times.

    • General-Zod

      Are you the underwear police?

      • britain

        Yes, you need to go up one more size for those on your head.

  • britain

    I’m confused.