If you have any form of social media, you are damn well aware that the first teaser trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has hit, priming us for the film’s release in just… uh, a whole year from now.  While the clip is under two minutes long and is– admit it– pretty nonsensical, that hasn’t stopped fans from dissecting every minute detail of it, hoping to suss out anything they can about the next chapter of the biggest franchise in science fiction history.

Many rumors have surfaced regarding this highly scrutinized project, but director J.J. Abrams is notoriously tight-lipped and even flat out deceptive about his films.  However, some of the images from the trailer have reinforced earlier rumors.

One mystery however was not immediately clear…
Was it Benedict Cumberbatch?  John Boyega?  (Pictured above, and no it wasn’t.)

It turns out that the dialogue was performed by…

Andy Serkis, the acclaimed motion capture performer who has played King Kong, Gollum (in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ movies) and Caesar in the recent ‘Planet of the Apes’ movies.  It’s rare for Serkis to actually appear as a… well, human onscreen.  But apparently, he will be making that transition in the new ‘Star Wars’ installments.

It’s heavily rumored that Serkis won’t actually get a huge amount of screen time in ‘Episode 7’, but that the small role will be “pivotal.”  All of the ‘Star Wars’ movies have been ensembles, so that’s not really anything new.  Could Serkis be playing a Yoda-like role?  Or could be possibly be playing on the other team, as a Sith Lord?

No one really knows at this point.  The movie is still a year away and, as stated, is shrouded in mystery.

How would you like Andy Serkis to factor into the ‘Star Wars’ universe?  Would he be a better good guy or bad guy?  Leave a comment below!

Source: HitFlix