‘666 Park Avenue’ Will Get A Series Finale

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One of the worst things about getting hooked on a TV series is not having storylines tied up when a series gets cancelled. But thanks to the producers of ‘666 Park Avenue,’ the series will get a finale that should satisfy the fans when the last episode airs.

The cancellation of ‘666 Park Avenue’ was met with much surprise. Although the actual live viewership of the series was not that great, the numbers after averaging in DVR stats were pretty good for the show. In fact, the November 4th episode’s rating jumped 77 percent when those DVR numbers were taken into account. This news of the ratings improvement prompted Dave Annable (who plays Henry on the show) to vent on Twitter tweeting that ABC “f-ed up:”

While ABC president Paul Lee called the DVR rating surge “amazing,” he didn’t feel it was enough to retract the show’s pink slip.

Producers David Wilcox and Matt Miller are, however, making sure fans know that they wouldn’t be left hanging when the last episode airs:

“[The show] is building to a powerful and surprising series finale, where all your questions will be answered. We hope fans of the show continue watching all the way to the end of Jane and Henry’s incredible journey to the dark side.”

While it’s no fun seeing the end of a series you like, it’s nice to know there will at least be a final ending to it all.

What do you think? Was ABC premature in cancelling the series and are you happy that the fate of the building and tenants of ‘666 Park Avenue’ will be settled?


Source: TVLine

  • Jenna;)

    This blows :/ I’ve really liked watching 666 Park Avenue. What the hell ABC? Do they not take in the fact that the show comes on so late and that’s why people mainly DVR it? *shakes head* Hell, I work so many hours and go to school that I never watch a show when it’s airing since that’s the only time I have to spend with my child before he goes to bed and college homework comes before entertainment. You are right, Dave, Nielsen is so out dated for the average US citizen of today.ABC doesn’t give shows enough time to be watched and enjoyed before they axe them. They did the same thing to No Ordinary Family… and its failure was mostly due to Heroes flopping so badly during the writer’s strike and leaving a bad taste in viewer’s mouths to start watching another show with super powers *sigh* But now you see people are interested again with movies like the Avengers taking 1st place in box sales. If they would have given the show another season, who knows? Well, I guess I can be happy they still have OUaT on their roster… for now anyway. :/

  • D44

    Soo premature is there a petition to sign or anything? This is just crazzzzy

    • mish

      i wish we could have some influence

      • Janice Kay

        I don’t know if it’s too late, but fans did manage to save the show Chuck. If anyone out there knows of an online petition or group doing something similar for 666 Park Ave, let me know and I’ll make sure our readers will know about it.

  • I agree. To cancel this show was completely premature

  • I hate the fact that a good show comes along and they cancel right when it’s getting good. I agree with everyones comment on this matter. So sad it’s ending :(

  • This show has real potential…yes, it has been slow, but that is the complete deliciousness of it!! Pleasepleaseplease give it another chance!!! Personally I really love the show and can see where it is going and it is going to be GREAT!!

  • DC grad student

    This is bull. That show is awesome! I missed a couple of episodes but when I heard it was cancelling I had to see if it was true. Saddened.

  • lmb

    network tv execs are idiots – first thing they should have tried is moving its time slot – its up against some other great shows on Sunday night. Maybe a cable channel will pick it up. I always end up watching it Tuesday or Wednesday night (on-demand) since there isn’t much on those nights.

    • Agreed, I normally watch it on mondays when I get home from work.

  • Tracy

    Yes! ABC was premature in canceling the series! So many people are busy these days that the they record their shows to watch when they can. The DVR rating should count! I work evening and record it to watch later. Don’t cancel the show!!!

  • Cc

    Why do they find a series that is worth breaking my neck to get to watch they can it I am so mad why couldn’t they have moved the slot I will not watch any more series from the writers and producers they are making a big mistake it would be a bigger hit they they realize big big mistake so mad

  • Cc

    Don’t do it please

  • BoiseFan

    My adult son and I have one show we agreed on and watched together, 666 Park Avenue. To say I was devastated when I heard it was going down would be putting it lightly. We both loved this show and couldn’t wait for the next one. Please don’t take it off the air, your audience will grow by word of mouth.

  • Jenny Hartin

    I hope SyFy can pick it up. I love this show. I have to DVR all my shows – too much going on to watch it when they air.

  • Dawn

    Starting watching it late as well. Had to get caught up by watching it On Demand. I love this show and am very disappointed to hear it has been cancelled!

  • K

    I just went into my on demand to watch 666 Park Avenue because of seeing commercials about it before I watched the ones on there till 11-11-12 to find out its been cancelled. I am so pissed! I got really into that show and now its just gone? Such a good show and plot and everything. Something different then all of the shows and movies that all play off of each other. Should not have been cancelled!

  • j wal

    I watch very little TV, but I became hooked on 666 and so have my daughters and friends. I am very sad and angry that ABC is cancelling it.

  • Bevy2cute

    I loved the show, I had several others on the same time so I recorded it on DVR. I agree with Dave Annable the producers f—-red Up !!!!!

  • This is why I don’t and will never support ABC . This is the third or fourth show that they have cancelled and the series was good. They did the same thing with The Gates.I wish ABC would just go off air all together.

  • tigersamsparky

    They always cancel the shows in that time slot – I really liked Pan Am – refused to watch GCB which was also cancelled. Looked forward to 666 Park thought it was an excellent show. I will never waste my time watching any show on ABC on Sundays at 10pm!

  • Delapis9

    Neilson?? REALLY??? So-o-o VERY outdated and NOT a TRUE account! I LOVE this show, and the actors are fantastic! ABC needs to listen to the REAL fans! Do a Facebook survey!

  • Thomas Catterson

    The writing, acting and directing were (are) very good for 666 Park Ave. I hope ABC changes its mind and decides to keep it on the air. People are impressed with this program.

  • Annoyed

    OMG!!! WTH!!! I really enjoyed 666 Park Avenue…who do we need to speak to??

  • sad

    I loved this show…great fun….please…don’t replace it with some outdated “star” dancing or “surviving”…..ICK!

  • HoneyBooBoo


  • CCM

    I find the show captivating like Lost. It’s a shame that ABC gave up on it so quickly.

  • Edna

    That crazy I love this show!!!Damn..

  • Leaf

    This show is the only fun for the beginning of a week.

  • ccmac


  • Sadlittlefan

    Unhappy. First decent show on abc since Lost. Please save it or send it to another network! C’mon, abc!!!

  • BuffaloNY

    Why does this keep happening. Getting to the point where I’m going to stop watching new shows bc they keep getting cancelled. Tera Nova, The Event, The Killing, V, Alcatraz, CSI Miami..etc…There are days of the week I could DVR 4 different shows bc I want to see them all. Isnt that what DVR is for? I think ABC is making a mistake! My husband and look forward to watching Revenge then 6666 Park Avenue every Sunday night.We just DVR some shows to not have to watch commercials as well. I loved the storyline, the cast was well picked and it’s just a shame to cancel this show. Its just not fair to those of us who watch it. Move the time slot, move the day..There are people watching this show!!!!!!!

  • aphro23

    this really blows! thanks alot .ABC….you did the samee thing with V. I’m done with this network. See ya.

  • Heather52066

    AAARRRGGGHHHH! I am so tired of the networks canceling shows that people like! I don’t know who they are polling, but everyone I know LOVES THE SHOW! Way to screw up again ABC….. this was the last show on your network that I watched…. buh bye!

  • Molly

    Too bad. I hate 98% of what’s on TV and I thought this show had potential.

  • Bmwjk

    Love the show, can’t believe they are canceling. WTF, I can think of a bunch of other shows to cancel. Idiots!

  • Yes, this was premature which makes me not want to watch ANY new show on ABC anymore. Not only did others state to NOT watch this show because they knew it would happen (as seen on ABC’s site under episode 1), I don’t even think this show was marketed properly!

    • AJ

      I agree with you 100%. I emailed ABC before the show was cancelled and I told them if they didn’t give this show a chance to grow I wouldn’t give any new ABC shows a chance. I also explained how their marketing of the show was useless. It did nothing to entice anyone to watch the show.

  • Stacie

    This is a good show! It shouldn’t be cancelled!!

  • reyespac16

    no no no don’t cancel this show this is what I look forward to every Sunday….. Please reconsider … Bring the show back

  • Don’t cancel abc

    This was the ONLY show I watched this fall and was a very good show. Wth

  • Bring it back

    Seriously how can management be so out of touch. Sure there are metrics but someone in top brass should try watching the show to know when they had something special on their hands

  • Megan

    Please keep this series!! I’m so disappointed. This is one of the few good series on tv :(

  • Reric456

    I dvr a lot of shows and 666 was one of them. the networks really need to take that into account. It’s a great show with great actors…pretty stupid move on their part.

  • Steve

    This is BS you compete with SNF so of course people DVR it I love this show F&@k ABC you just canceled your best show

  • Judy

    ABD=Stands for already been canceled. Last series I will watch on ABC or NBC.

  • Melanie

    ABC shouldn’t have canceled 666 Park Avenue. They should have paid more attention to the DVR numbers, which is how most people watch TV these days. I know I and a few friends I work with at DISH all love 666 Park Avenue, but none of us watch it live. We usually get together to watch the show on my DISH Hopper, which is set to auto-record it along with the other big four prime time network shows using Primetime Anytime. That way I don’t have to remember to set a timer, and my friends and I can get together and watch the show whenever we’re all free. Now that the show is canceled we’re just looking forward to the finale, and finding out exactly what’s going on with Jane and the Drake.

  • Dave

    Just sad and disappointed shows like this an the river have to leave after one season, yet honey boo boo and jersey shore are getting renewed, people complained about a slow build up but that was what is called suspense, if everything was solved in the hour it would be terrible. Bt not much more to say buy thanks Locke aka terry o Quinn aka mib for making it off the island and finally telling us ur name

  • Ron

    Way to premature in canceling this show. It is terrific. If they are so concerned about viewers, why not at least changing airing date/time before cancellation.

  • Wilstar

    Disappointed again to say the least. Canceled way to soon due to the One Million Moms. GBC met the same death. They did like Desperate Housewives.

  • rb

    yes, abc did F-up big time. This is a great show-much better than most on right now. It has drama, mystery, and is unique-not the typical soap opera. I’m so tired of stations pulling the plug too early that it makes you not even want to start watching new shows.

  • Daphne L smith

    I can not believe they canceled one of my new favorite shows,. Hey give it a chance, you seem to have enough sit-coms that you keep extending. 666 Park Avenue is exciting week after week. Give it another chance. When will it be back in January? We DVR the show because my gets up at 4:00 in the morning so he goes to bed early. I DVR so we can wath it the next day together.
    Come on give it a chance.

  • Lynda Remington

    I am not one for supernatural shows; however, the intrigue of 666 Park Avenue sucked me in week after week. I love the suspense and the imagination displayed in the episodes. Why is it when you get hooked on a good show, it seems to get cancelled? I am going to miss this show. ABC dropped the ball on this one.

  • Save 666

    What about the people that watch this show on Hulu or some other online streaming TV method. Is any of that taken into account…seriously, let’s get it together ABC!

  • Here’s Why

    I read an article about a year ago that said executive producers don’t really care about dvr ratings because they know that most people (including myself) fast forward past the commercials so the advertisers don’t really get their moneys worth.

    • Janice Kay

      I think that may be one of the main reasons why the show is being cancelled. Although most people are watching it on their DVR, it’s the commercials that make the network money. If the live numbers are there, they figure the commercials aren’t being seen and so no money can be made. :(

  • wires

    Maybe they could call the Ghostbusters crew and have it segue into a feature film…

  • Molly

    I loved this show. Now I have NOTHING at all to watch. Thanks alot ABC!

  • Darryl

    It was a great show!! The decision to cancel was a bad one. At this point for the president of abc to admit that he was premature in canceling the show apparently is too much for him to do. He should admit that he made a mistake, and he didn’t consider all the facts. Screw the viewers and save face is what he will continue to do…

  • Betty Ann

    I loved loved loved this show. I watched on Monday too.. since it came on too late on Sundays. What a shame. It was the 10 PM time slot that made it more DVR watchable. :(

  • I really liked the show! I think ABC made a reall big mistake and should re-instate this show!

  • Lori

    Bad decision to cancel this show.

  • mike

    was a mistake to cancel…and when is the finale they were talking about going to be aired….

  • Chuey

    They should totally bring this show back, it was like no other series on tv. It was scary, intriguing and keeps you on your feet. There are so many shows on that are the same. ABC needs to put it back on!!

  • Sanji

    They definitely canceled too soon! I don’t get time to watch it live but that’s the beauty of dvr! So many shows that aren’t that good are lasting. What a big mistake abc has made!

  • off the post

    Wow! Just watched the latest episode… what a shame. So good.

  • Don`t be a zombie

    They cancelled it to bring more garbage to cater to the brainless zombies in America today.

  • Parker Berg

    This is not season 2 it’s the last 4 episodes of season 1 that got canceled

  • Kyle

    the networks have to realize how tv viewing habits have changed and adjust ratings….they keep cancelling good shows in that time slot waiting for something to get 20 million live viewers….here’s an update abc NOT GONNA HAPPEN, there I just saved you millions in focus groups and case studies and interoffice memos….you gave pan am what 6 episodes and cancelled….GCB a handful of airings and cancelled….now 666 park ave…which is the most well written well acted and well everything on tv and you cancel it halfway through…do you think anyones gonna get hooked on watching a new show…no because you all have a habit of cancelling after a handful of episodes….look back at old shows had this trend of cancelling so soon been prevelant, both mash and sienfeld never would have been renewed….so to all the networks….pick a show, put it in a timeslot and leave it there run new episodes September to December….two week break then back at new episodes all in the same day and time all year for one season….then take a look at things…..then maybe you will lure viewers back….

  • Kyle

    I hope some other network or better yet a cable company like bravo or showcase sees the potential in this show….pick it up….you can’t beat the talent of the cast crew and creative team

  • Merry

    I just finished watching the last 4 episodes of 666 Park Avenue. It is such an incredibly great show.. terrific ending. Its just getting really good and they cancel it and renew these stupid, inane reality shows. Such a shame.

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