BBC Cancels Supernatural Series ‘The Fades’

Posted Thursday, April 5th, 2012 04:00 pm GMT -4 by

the fades

Following the footsteps of the Fox network cancelling a well-loved show, ‘Terra Nova,’ BBC Three has decided that they will not renew the highly acclaimed series ‘The Fades.’

While being interviewed by SFX regarding his role in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman,’ Johnny Harris, who played Neil in the series, confirmed that ‘The Fades’ had not been “commissioned” for another year.

This saddens many fans as the series, with only 6 episodes in the first season, was a pleasant surprise to many viewers and critics. The series wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries of creepiness and gore and was able to draw you in immediately unlike many network series that have debuted this season and are just now getting into the crux of their stories after 14 episodes.

‘The Fades’ was about an awkward teenager (Iain De Caestecker) who is your atypical hero and spends a lot of his time with best friend Mac (Daniel Kaluuya). Being a teen is hard enough but it becomes more problematic when you start seeing dead people known as the Fades. Worse yet, the Fades have discovered that devouring human flesh enables them to be reborn as living beings. Compile that with the fact that he’s an “Angelic” and dreams about the apocalypse of the world and you have the makings of a compelling series.

Unfortunately, the season finale ended with a cliff hanger. Does the dark clouds at the end foretell the beginning of the apocalypse that Paul was unable to stop? Was he truly successful in reopening Ascension? Is the battle really over?

I guess we’ll never know as the series has not been renewed but we can always relive the first season as it is on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Of course…we could always try to see if Netflix would be interested in picking ‘The Fades’ up.

Are you sad not to see a second season of ‘The Fades?’

  • Paul Bowler

    It’s a great shame that The Fades will not return for a second series. This was such a popular show on BBC THREE I can’t understand why the BBC had decided to throw away the brilliant potentail this show obviously had. You only had to read the great comments on the shows Twitter page to see how much people enjoyed it. As it ended on a cliffhanger we will never know what happened next. I urge people who missed the show to check it out on DVD & Blu Ray.

    • Janice Kay

      This reminds me of the show Hex which also wasn’t renewed and ended after 2 seasons on BBC. I really liked the dark tone of The Fades and am sorry to see it wasn’t renewed also.

  • bill norris

    so loved the Fades! if Netflix would pick it up, id love em for ever.

  • Gazfleming

    Such a shame a great British sci fi show has been cancelled. Why does the BBC keep reality shows and cancel Fades. Please someone pick it up.

  • Shmeds

    this is ridiculous, every time i get into a show i really like it gets cancelled, this makes no sense, it certainly seemed to be popular enough.

  • How can this get cancelled and yet shit like Merlin continues for 5 series?

  • Markansas

    Frak enough is enough  Makes one want to never again watch TV. Perhaps since the “network drones” won’t produce what we want to watch we should to just that. Turn off your TVs and head outside, you have a better chance of seeing Sci Fi in real life in the form of a UFO or something. What the Frak is a matter with these people?

  • John Doe

    what a shame it was a great series

  • John Doe

    This was a great series, it sucked me in straight away!  What a shame!

  • Tspot71

    I am sooo hooked on The Fades!please please save the show!!!!

  • Putters

    Zai Bennett is ruining BBC Three (not that he’s had to try too hard).
    No more Ideal, no more How Not To Live Your Life, and now no more The Fades. Just endless Snog, Marry, Avoid and Hotter Than My Daughter shows. Clear out Mr Bennett, you’ve failed.