Leaked Photos Reveals ‘Prometheus’ Space Jockey? (Potential Spoilers)

Posted Thursday, January 12th, 2012 01:13 am GMT -4 by

So how much of ‘Alien’ DNA is in ‘Prometheus’? Well, if these pictures obtained from Cinemart are anything to go by, the space jockey is the key connection.


Cinemart obtained these photos from a source who was having drinks with someone who worked in the Prometheus Art Department.  The photos are of an early version of a head design made for “the alien” in the movie and was described as “smaller, human-sized and designed specifically for an actor to wear and described as the face design for the alien.” The photos are clearly of a mask and look similar to the dead alien found by the Nostromo crew in the original movie.


If you recall, Scott has stated that he wanted to explore who the Space Jockey was and what he was doing when the crew first found him. “…I always figured that [the ship in the first Alien] was a carrier of weapons,” he explains, “Therefore, who is that, inside that suit? That wasn’t a skeleton that was a suit. And if you open up the suit, what do you get inside it? And why were they going, where were they going?”

Fans have gone through the trailer frame by frame for any hints of the Space Jockey. Previously, we showed you a screen shot of what could be the humanoid form of the Space Jockey and now eagle eyes at io9 were able to find a fleshy version of the mask from the photo. Below is their screen shot and in the inlay is the skeleton that was featured in the original ‘Alien’ movie for comparison (you can click the photo for a larger view):

 Prometheus mask under glass

The pictures still bring more questions to mind. Is what we thought was an alien really a suit with an alien inside it? Since the mask was made specifically for an actor, then which one? Was only one made or will more than one actor be wearing a similar mask?

All these findings just from the trailer make me want to look at each frame with a magnifying glass! So what are your thoughts about this new reveal and the mask?

  • This movie seems way more tied to Alien than Ridley Scott wants to let on. The way all of this hype is building I have to believe that these “leaks” are planned. That trailer is so well put together too. It raises way more questions than it answers. I can’t wait for this!

    • Janice Kay

      I agree! I’ve already made up my mind that this is a prequel. I’m stilll excited about the movie and can’t wait to see it!

  • space jockey

    Can’t wait for this movie.

  • Prometheus

    I believe the title holds some semblence to this all. Prometheus is the name of a greek god who was really smart and stole from the top god Zeus. By doing so Zeus punished him. Place humans as Prometheus and the Space Jockeys as Zeus… It makes sense to me

    • Citizen_kane84

      NO.. since Prometheus was a Titan-God, and he stole from an Olypian God(Zeus) and gave fire to HUMANS.. HOW?!?!?! does that make us humans the Prometheus character??? Tell me that ??! lol -.
      it goes like this- Some Olympians were spawned of the TITANS…. These two “god-races” raged war against eachother. Olympians won and Prometheus was spared cuz he didnt participate. Zeus(Olympian) later at some point wanted to punish MANKIND so he TOOK BACK FIRE from US. Prometheus(Titan) didnt like this so he STOLE IT BACK for us HUMANS..  so again tell me how WE are prometheus ??? are we gods??  NO!!!  Prometheus is obviously the SpaceJockey and since the Olympians (some of them) came from the TITANS that would make Zeus some kind of “sub/spacejockey race” gone rogue.. cuz Zeus and the olympians rebelled and started war against the Titans and won too.. the question is- what will be the counterpart of the Olympians(if there are any) who is closely related to the Titans/prometheus/ SJ

  • Sporebmm

    i just hope the space jockeys actually look like alien beings and not just like humans, when people make alien movies only to have the alien look just like a person it’s just a stupid lack of imagination