Up until now, Jose Padhilha’s ‘Robocop’ remake has been looking good. A-lister after A-lister like Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson has been joining the cast and the viral marketing showing off the drones doesn’t look so bad either, and we’ve yet to see any images or footage to lead us to believe otherwise. However, a writer over at Hitflix (via Blastr) has gotten his hands on a cop of the script just tears the whole thing to shreds.

According to Drew McWeeny’s twitter feed, there are just so many laughable elements in the upcoming reboot of the classic Paul Verhoeven film. The one that stands out to me is the tweet where he says that “Robocop is a Transformer” that goes from “social mode to combat mode”. I mean, that’s not super terrible right? I’m picturing and epically pimped out War Machine-esque robot for combat mode. Sure, it sounds really corny when you call him a transformer, but Robocop is a robot after all. Don’t get me wrong, it could still be bad, but I’m staying optimistic for now.

What concerns me is the other tweets that basically calls the new ‘Total Recall’ a masterpiece compared to ‘Robocop’. Check out some of the tweets below:

Comic Book Movie has a few more tweets as McWeeny read through the script, including his reaction to the unveiling of Robocop:

“I think it’s safe to say that Alex Murphy is now part man, part machine, ALL COP!” Yes, I too remember the original poster, asshat.

Since I’m staying optimistic, I’ll say that it’s possible that the writer got a hold of an earlier draft of Padilha’s film. But of course there’s a chance that I’m wrong and we’ll all have a good laugh when ‘Robocop’ hits theaters on August 9, 2013.