Is The ‘Smallville’ Cast Returning For ‘Metropolis’?

Posted Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 07:00 pm GMT -4 by

This outfit is as close as Tom Welling came to the Superman uniform during 'Smallville'

Even while the CW’s hit ‘Smallville’ was still on the air, fans were clamoring for the show’s star, Tom Welling, to put on the red and blue tights and become the Superman that he was destined to be. When Welling declined the part of the Man of Steel in 2006’s ‘Superman Returns’, fans were upset but not deterred.

After ‘Smallville’ went off this air this past May after ten seasons, fans began speculating on how the series could continue. The result was a fan-created continuation idea titled simply ‘Metropolis’. It made perfect sense. The characters had outlived Smallville and were ready for the big time. There were fan-made false trailers for the show, a Twitter account dedicated to it and, of course, the fan fiction.

Until now, though, ‘Metropolis’ has been merely a fan’s dream. But if IMDb is any indication (and that’s debatable), ‘Metropolis’ may actually make it to television screens by 2012. According to the film database site, ‘Metropolis’ already has the original ‘Smallville’ cast lined up including Welling (Clark Kent), Erica Durance (Lois Lane), Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen), and Michael McKean (Perry White). In addition to the Daily Planet’s crew, IMDb lists that ‘Smallville’ co-creator Alfred Gough is also on board.

Of course, this is on IMDb so speculation is high, especially considering that Gough left ‘Smallville’ in 2008. Of course, if any of this is true, Superman and ‘Smallville’ fans will have a lot to be excited about. ‘Metropolis’ is listed as being in “post production” which means that it’s nearing completion and it has a release date of September 25, 2012.

But, as someone who’s been constantly let down by hintings of new movies and shows (Dan Aykroyd, I’m looking at you. Where’s ‘Ghostbusters 3’ aready!?), I am keeping my hopes low and my fingers crossed for ‘Metropolis’.

  • I wish this was true, but it strikes me as ‘nerd bait’ that someone put on IMDB.  Basically to get the fans all excited and then cruelly crush our hopes.  I’m only a little cynical haha.

  • Anonymous

    Fingers crossed it happens

  • Meatigloo

    Smallville got really good after Gough left, so I’m kinda hoping he’s not involved…

  • IMDB’s link for metropolis 2012 has been removed…sad

    • Thanks for the update Earl. I wonder if they removed it for some privacy while working on it or if it’s just dead all-together. 

  • Justin Jd

    theres nothing even on imdb

    • IMDb removed the ‘Metropolis’ listing after this article was posted. I assume that means it was never very seriously under production.

  • C86bubbles

    OMG! I was showing someone the listing on IMDB that I seen about
    Metropolis and OMG it was gone. I hope this wasn’t someone’s cruel joke.
    I told everyone I know who also is  Superman fans like me about the new upcoming show, they were   so excited. If this was a joke I would be so upset! This so sounded like a great Idea for a show, I hope it becomes reality . I want to see Tom Welling AKA Superman Fly…

  • The_weissman

    if that actually happens I’ll shit bricks

  • rather if it’s a book or not, i think they should have the season adapted it on TV!!!!!


  • MADMIKE4000

    If I personally had to choose a name for a Superman spinoff it would more Son of Krypton then Metropolis because for me Son of Krypton has a more edge to it