‘Apollo 18′ Declassified On Friday (Trailer Released)

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On December 7, 1972, Apollo 17 was launched. It was the final manned trip to the moon and the last time man set foot on the lunar surface…or was it?

Officially, NASA had cancelled the remaining Apollo missions but according to the new movie ‘Apollo 18’, the Department of Defense contracted NASA to send two astronauts for one more covert moon mission. What they found there is the reason we have never gone back.

‘Apollo 18’ is from producer Timur Bekmembetov (‘Wanted’) and is filmed in the style of ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘The Blair Witch Project’.  Apparently, the film is made up of “found footage” from the actual secret flight and shows what the astronauts encountered in this last mission that the government has been trying to keep classified. Last February, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dimension Films head Bob Weinstein explains, “People intrinsically know there are secrets being held from us… Look at WikiLeaks. There are secrets that are really true to the world. It’s not bogus.” When asked if the movie was a work of fiction, he says, “We didn’t shoot anything, we found it. Found, baby!” Previous teasers have been released earlier in the year but yesterday, a new full trailer hit the internet.

In actuality, there really was an “Apollo 18” but it wasn’t officially called that. It was called the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project and was a joint mission between the US and Russia which entailed the docking of an American Apollo spacecraft with a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft. The American portion of this project would sometimes be referred to as Apollo 18.

So, did something really happen to the astronauts on that flight? What could possibly have been recorded that affected the government so strongly that a mission was never sent back to the moon? Is this really found footage of what was seen? You can decide for yourself when ‘Apollo 18’ hits theaters on Friday, September 2. In the meantime here’s the lastest trailer.  Let me know if you think this is fact or fiction.

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  • Matthew Wood

    Oh come on! I’m actually very disappointed – so much more could have been done with this premise! :(

    • Ze

      We’ll have a review of it over the weekend…so I’m curious to read their take on it. ;-)

  • I’m very interested in this film, but something’s making me hesitant. 

  • I saw it. It had a high
    budget for an “indy” film, bankrolled by Russians, I think and filled
    with this moral dilemma: which do we paint as worse? Natives borrowed
    STRAIGHT out of “Moontrap” (1988, Walter Koenig) or the secret-keeping
    sinister American government? I mean let’s be honest. The aliens were
    never really players in the movie, except to weigh their evil against
    that of the American government. As the Producers were Russian, it
    stands to chance that the idea can be floated into the minds of
    moviegoers that Russia really did catch up with America in the space
    race and that sinister American government knew it and darned them kept
    it secret. I do give high praise to the producers for their depiction of
    the Soviet lunar lander, inside and out. The LEM was depicted as way
    overly spacious against actual LEM’s. The drama of the Moon landing was
    unoriginal and cut right out of Apollo 11 landing narratives. It is hard
    to keep a good pace on a place as unexciting as two men in an igloo on
    the Alaskan Tundra fighting off bears that can bring a fatal disease to
    all humanity, but that is basically the story and the pacing was good.
    Very little support, I’d say close to none was willingly provided by
    NASA for this project, but the producers did not allow the end product
    to suffer. Stock footage including recently released film was included
    for some of the action. I was overall very impressed with the film if
    only because my expectations were so low. The acting was especially good
    as we witness the psychology of explorers as painted by the writers. Of
    course, we all know, the Soviet Cosmonaut would have just shrugged it
    off, grabbed some good Vodka, and said goodnight. I do give high praise
    for the accurate depiction of the danger of space travel, with or
    without the added drama.

  • alienflea

    Those spider-like creatures looks eerie similar to ‘Lost Tapes’ where a woman astronaut was contaminated on the shuttle craft thus out comes this creature like in the movie ‘Alien(s)’ which was caught on camera in a defunct VA hospital thus all the doctors and scientist were killed thus you can see the creature escaping the hospital. It could be a hoax, but fiction is sometimes stranger than fact. 

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