Another casualty movie has been added to Hollywood’s recent obsession with remakes. Up until now, classic teen angst John Hughes movies have been left untouched by the studios, that is until now. Fans of the film ‘Weird Science’ will be perplexed to know that Universal and Joel Silverman is developing a remake of the film.

The original starred Anthony Michael Hall (‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Warehouse 13,’ ‘Dead Zone’) and Ilan Mitchell-Smith (‘The Adventures of Superboy’) and centered on two nerdy boys who one night decide to create the perfect woman through their use and knowledge of science… and a Barbie-like doll. The result is Kelly LeBrock who decides that the boys need to live a little. Also appearing in the film was a young pre-Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. playing the bully.

The remake of ‘Weird Science’ is really more than just an idea for Universal as they have already tapped a writer for the screenplay. Michael Bacall, who scripted ‘Project X’, ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ and ’21 Jump Street,’ will be working on an updated version of the film. The studio hopes that Bacall can bring an edgier comedy to the film just like he did for ’21 Jump Street.’

The saving grace with all this is that Joel Silver will be involved in the project. Silver was also a producer with Hughes on the original film so it can’t be all that bad.

While details of remake are scare, screenwriter Brian Lynch did tweet this idea:

So, children of the ‘80s, be prepared to have your favorite movies remade for the next generation. With ‘Short Circuit’ and ‘War Games’ already in development, who knows what else the studios will be tapping in to. Does the remake of ‘Weird Science’ just the start of other Hughes movie remake? Will we be seeing remakes of ‘The Breakfast Club’ or ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’? The thought is cringe worthy.

What do you think of Universal remaking ‘Weird Science’ and who do you think should play Kelly LeBrock’s role?

Source: Deadline