In ‘LX2048’ humans from our not-too-distant future have resigned themselves to their homes, for it has become too dangerous to step outside. Unlike our present reality in 2020, it’s not Covid19 that’s keeping us locked up, it’s something far more threatening. Fast forward another 28 years and the earth is at the mercy of toxic sunlight. Humans slip away from reality with the help of VR, but at what cost?

Today we got to speak with Guy Moshe, the writer and director of ‘LX2048’. Check out our full interview below:

‘LX2048’ will be available on September 25th in theatres, digital, and VOD. The film stars James D’Arcy (‘Cloud Atlas’), Anna Brewster (‘Versailles’), and Delroy Lindo (‘The Good Fight’).


In 2048, the sun has become too toxic to leave one’s house in daytime and life as we know it exists mostly inside the virtual realm. Against this backdrop, a dying man fights for his family’s future while coping with what it means to be human…