Light As A Feather

The second half of Hulu’s ‘Light as a Feather’ is coming and fans will want to check out the trailer which has finally been released! The series is set to return for the Halloween season as the next episode will debut in early October. A fitting time to be released for a show that is dealing with people who have been stuck with a curse since the first season.

The “chrysalis curse” is still in full effect and we know that it won’t be broken for a while. With at least 16 episodes left in the second season, it is easy to guess that no one is safe!

You can check out the ‘Light as a Feather’ Season 2: Part 2 Trailer below:


Showrunner R. Lee Fleming Jr has an interesting challenge to overcome to keep the plot feel fresh without recycling the same ideas for each season. I’m sure fans are eager to see what is introduced in the conclusion of the sophomore to keep things feeling original.

‘Light as a Feather’ is based on the novel by Zoe Aarsen and was developed by AwesomenessTV, Wattpad, and Kelsey Grammer’s Grammnet.

Are you looking forward to the second half of the second season of ‘Light as a Feather’? What are you expecting we’ll see from the series moving forward? Do you think that the trailer delivered the right amount of tease to have you wanting to watch more? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Having doubled-down by playing a new round of “Light as a Feather” that puts all their lives on the line, McKenna and friends are optimistic that they’re finally done with the curse. But is the curse done with them? Tensions rise as the gang soon find themselves in a race to discover the game’s origins before more lives are lost.

They thought the game was over…they were wrong. New episodes of Light As A Feather premiere October 4th, 2019 only on Hulu!

Source: Deadline