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War is coming to Freeland.  After the events of Season 2, the Markovians seem to be moving in.  Season 2 introduced the character Looker (played by Sofia Vassilieva), who was a modified version of a character that was actually Jefferson (Cress Williams)’s teammates in the comic books ‘Batman and the Outsiders’/’Outsiders’.  And the season built toward a confrontation with the Masters of Disaster, a group of villains also featured in the ‘Outsiders’ comics.  And Lynn (Christine Adams) came to blows with evil scientist Dr. Helga Jace (Jennifer Riker), another character from the ‘Outsiders’.  So some fans are hoping that this trend continues with Season 3, and the show introduces Prince Brion Markov of Markovia.

‘Black Lightning’ unfortunately, doesn’t connect to the five other DC Comics shows on The CW, because it was originally developed for FOX.  It just wound up at The CW after FOX passed.  Even though it doesn’t have the benefit of crossing over with the others shows, it has managed to fare well in the ratings for the most part.

Hopefully, it can keep that up into Season 3.  Check out the 5+ minute trailer that was screened at San Diego Comic-Con:

Speaking to Digital Spy, Jordan Calloway who plays (currently-dead) baddie, Khalil Payne a.k.a. Painkiller, revealed that the series gets a new Big Bad this season, and discussed his own character’s comeback:

“You will see something different about him that’s gonna be… it’s gonna be.  I can’t give you guys too much.  I really want to, but I can’t.  He’s gonna come back a little different, I can tell you that.  He’ll probably look a little bit older, maybe that’s what it is.

“[Khalil] might go both sides, good or bad. We saw what he was doing under the control of Tobias, and now you add another huge big bad, Agent Odell [Bill Duke], the stakes are much higher for him.  When you had Tobias, Tobias he has control, but Agent Odell, he has power so what happens when you cross an individual like that?”

‘Black Lightning’ returns for its third season on Monday, October 21.