Reign Of The Supermen

Warner Bros. Animation artist Phil Bourassa knows that not only do you love DC’s animated films but that there hasn’t been enough promotional material out for ‘Reign of the Supermen‘ yet so he’s happy to help you out. Taking to Instagram, the artist has shared stills that include Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, and The Flash as they try to understand a world that has lost the Man Of Steel only to have him replaced with four new individuals who look and/or act like the Superman they all know.

Sam Liu is directing this latest installment in the animated DC universe, and like each of the others in recent years it will likely resonate with casual and longtime fans alike. This 1993 series took place after Superman fell in battle against Doomsday when the world was given multiple iterations of the character which threw everyone into confusion as to what was actually happening.

You can check out the new images of Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, and The Flash in the post below:

Make sure to arrow through to check out all three shots! It should be noted that there is also a limited release on the big screen in the middle of January thanks to Fathom Events.

What do you think of the new shots of ‘Reign of the Supermen’? Which of these three look the best in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Reign of the Supermen finds Earth’s citizens – and the Man of Steel’s heroic contemporaries –
dealing with a world without Superman. But the aftermath of Superman’s death and the subsequent
disappearance of his body leads to a new mystery – is Superman still alive? The question is further
complicated when four new super-powered individuals – Steel, Cyborg Superman, Superboy, and
the Eradicator – emerge to proclaim themselves as the ultimate hero. In the end, only one will
be able to proclaim himself the world’s true Superman.

The ‘Reign of the Supermen’ will begin on January 15th, 2019 digitally and will be available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and streaming on DC Universe on January 29th, 2019!