ily Tomlin Aunt May Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

We’ve had multiple takes of Aunt May in films over the years and Lily Tomlin’s (‘I Heart Huckabees’,’Grace and Frankie’) version of the character in ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse‘ is going to give us a version that non-comic readers have likely never experienced. Rosemary Harris, Sally Field, and Marisa Tomei have all given us loving or tough versions of the character, and while Tomlin’s sounds to be another strong take, there will also be something new here. Unlike the previous iterations of Aunt May, Tomlin’s is going to know exactly who Peter Parker really is and what he’s up to.

Much like what Tomei’s take on Aunt May hinted at, we’re getting a stronger version of the character as Tomlin explains:

“I love that. It’s more fun to always play someone like that then a damsel in distress, as they are more inclined to write a part like that. So that was fun. I just did it, so I was glad I did it… I think it’s great because to have a character like Aunt May, an older woman who lays it down like it is, and lets people kind of go on and carry on and then she tells them what the score is.”

As we see what looks to be the Ultimate Universe version of Spider-Man to start with, that means this Parker is going to end up dead. Only, Aunt May had already known her nephew was the web-slinger and was actively trying to help him. Here, she will serve as a bit of a mentor to Miles Morales but also will team up with Jake Johnson’s Parker from another dimension. That last aspect will likely be bittersweet for this Aunt May.

As to how she can help, Tomlin doesn’t go into specifics:

“What’s so wonderful is that it’s so loving and familiar, and yet it’s conflict and people trying to resolve their problems. They don’t do it in any easy way. And when they come to Aunt May, she’s ready to take them on and help them and support them.”

It sounds like we’ll see this Aunt May being active in guiding Morales and maybe even inspiring this version of Peter to once again remember what it means for someone who has great power.

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Source: Cinema Blend