Julian Dennison

Kiwi actor Julian Dennison, who played Firefist in ‘Deadpool 2’, has filmed a special intro for the ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ trailer specifically for his homeland, New Zealand.  In it, he throws shade at ‘Avengers: Infinity War’— “‘Deadpool 2′, 2018’s best superhero film… Nobody died at the end of that one” (not true, btw)– but also explains that because of “Ryan Reynolds’ obsession with swear words and violence meant that kids under 16, including myself, weren’t allowed to see it.  Forced to wait and watch it on DVD like a loser or just miss out altogether.”

Thus, 20th Century Fox has edited down the original film and inserted 20 minutes worth of new footage, including the much publicized Fred Savage framing sequence, to create ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’, a new theatrical presentation of the film.

Check out Dennison’s intro and the ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ trailer.  (Note, the actual trailer itself is the same as the US version released last week.)


Once Upon A Deadpool’ was originally scheduled to open on December 21, the most competitive opening day this year, with ‘Mary Poppins Returns’, ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Bumblebee’ already fighting over the weekend.  Fox then wisely scooted ‘Deadpool’ up to December 12 to avoid the crunch .  Although considering the state of theaters currently, if it had opened this past weekend or next, it could have really cleaned up as no major releases were planned for these periods.  Instead, on the 12th ‘Deadpool’ is now going head-to-head with the highly anticipated all-ages superhero movie ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’, which will gobble up a lot of that tween/teen audience that Fox was hoping to court with this re-release.

Perhaps one incentive to choose ‘Deadpool’ is that Fox is donating $1 from every ticket sold to F-ck Cancer, but in keeping with this sanitized offering, the charity will go by the name Fudge Cancer.

Are you looking forward to some warmed up leftovers this December?  Will you check out ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ in theaters?