The Game Of Thrones Reunion Special Is Coming... To Home Video

Sean Bean spilled the beans on the fact that there was an upcoming ‘Game of Thrones’ reunion special that had been filmed and we’ve been wanting to know when we’d be able to see it. The question we should have been asking though is where we can see it? Initially, it felt like it would be the perfect bookend to HBO’s hit series and would likely air after the series finale or the week after. However, it appears that this special will be released straight to consumers and be one of the extras in a special release box set of the complete series.

This news is somewhat surprising as just about everyone felt the special would likely air after, or potentially even before, the final season. It has been confirmed that Conan O’Brien is hosting the special and that many of the actors from the series will be involved. There isn’t an exact breakdown of who will appear outside of Bean but it sounds like the majority who survived through multiple seasons will be making appearances.

As the series is slated to enter its final season, we know that Winter has come but what is going to play out on screen is still a mystery. In fact, the premiere date of the next episode has only been vaguely revealed to be in April so we don’t even know which Sunday to mark off on our calendars quite yet.

Are you disappointed that the ‘Game of Thrones’ reunion special won’t air on HBO? Which actors are you most excited to see return for it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TV Line