RoboCop RoboDoc Trailer

Kids of the ’80s will seemingly never grow tired of learning all of the behind-the-scenes minutiae of the films that they grew up on.  Now comes a documentary called ‘RoboDoc’, which promises to reveal all the ins and outs of the creation of Paul Verhoeven‘s famously gory action flick ‘RoboCop’ which was released in theaters in 1987.  This Orion Pictures film was an instant classic and spawned two film sequels, a live-action TV series, two cartoons and, in 2014, an attempted theatrical reboot, which flopped.

But cut through all that clutter, and the original still stands as a groundbreaking feature and the stars and creators have assembled to share their memories in ‘RoboDoc’.  Documentarian Chris Griffiths, who previously crafted ‘Pennywaide: The Story of IT’, serves as writer and director and collaborated with writers Eastwood Allen, Gary Smart, and creative consultant Edward Neumeier to dig deeper into the creation of the original.  As glimpsed in the trailer, Kurtwood Smith, Nancy Allen, Ray Wise, Tom Noonan, and Ronny Cox offered commentary.  Verhoeven himself is also present and the doc includes archival interviews with Miguel Ferrer and stop-motion animator Phil Tippett.

Check out the trailer for the documentary below:

There are also three posters released to promote the picture:

There is no release date, but most likely, the film will make the festival circuit and then be released on VOD followed by a release on home video and to stream.

Neill Blomkamp is currently working on a new film, ‘RoboCop Returns’ which he intends to be a sequel to the original movie and not a reboot.  Blomkamp is even hoping to entice Peter Weller to return in the lead role.

If you want to catch up on the original, ‘RoboCop’ is available to stream on Amazon in its unrated director’s cut format.

Source: Collider