The Black Mirror Episode Nosedive Has Become A Board Game

Fans of ‘Black Mirror‘ now have a new way to enjoy the show with their friends in the form of a board game! The social media nightmare is known as “Nosedive” is now something you can experience first hand with your friends! If you don’t remember the episode off the top of your head it was a satire of social media which had Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie in the third season premiere episode. The goal of the board game is just like that of the episode, to “get the highest Social Score possible” but here you’ll be competing with 3-6 players.

In the game, you’ll be collecting Lifestyle cards to try and create a perfect life. It isn’t all going to be luck though as your competitors will be rating their experiences in a way that can have an impact on your social score. You’ll also all need to have your smartphones handy in a gameplay element that requires you to download the app to play.

The series creator claimed the episode was “a satire on acceptance and the image of ourselves we like to portray and project to others” which is what the game has tried to capture. Brooker had gone on to add that “Everyone is a little heightened and false because everyone is terrified of being marked down because the consequences of that are unpleasant. So it’s basically the world we live in.”

The Highlights of the game include:

  • Based on the hit Netflix series Black Mirror.
  • Light social & strategic gameplay is accessible for new players.
  • Use of a digital app allows for over 1,000 in-game prompts.
  • Features gameplay which promotes energetic engagement and interaction.
  • For 3-6 players, ages 13+

If you thought that having your relatives that you politically disagreed with over was the worst thing that could happen in the holidays, think again!

Will you be inviting your friends and family to play “Nosedive” for the holidays? Do you think that this will bring out the best or worst of those your playing with? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Gather your most influential friends for a game based on the Black Mirror episode NOSEDIVE. Create a “perfect” life by collecting Lifestyle cards, while avoiding any dings to your Social Score that could cause everything you’ve worked for to come crashing down.

Your Social Score is based on how much the other players enjoy the experiences you give them using the free NOSEDIVE GAME APP. With over 1,000 unique Experiences available, risk your reputation to impress your important friends!

Source: Entertainment Weekly