the territory

Hollywood is still looking to invest in dystopian films and television hoping to find their next franchise, and now comes word that the production company New Pictures has optioned the rights for Sarah Govett’s ‘The Territory.’ The studio is responsible for ‘Requiem’ and ‘The Missing’ and recently picked up the television rights from Casarotto Ramsay & Associates. The novel is the first in a trilogy and was released in 2015 to positive reviews from critics,

For those unfamiliar with ‘The Territory,’ here is the synopsis of the book:

Noa lives in what’s left of a Britain where flooding means land is scarce. Everyone must sit an exam at 15: if you pass you can stay in the Territory, if you fail you must go to the Wetlands. Rich families can buy their children an upgrade to help, but ‘Norms’ like Noa must succeed on their own merits. Noa is a bright, funny teenager, not sure which boy she likes, devoted to her friends. The book follows her as she and her friends face the exam. Who will pass and who will fail?

It does seem to follow the standard route of a young woman having to beat impossible odds just to survive. We will likely see her thrive and change the world as we know it. With the UK currently figuring out Brexit and climate change an ongoing concern in the media, it does feel like a good time for a dystopian novel to take place in Britain.

Concerning this deal for the movie rights to her novel, Govett says:

“I’m really excited that New Pictures wanted to option the rights because they have such a great feel for teen entertainment and I think they will do a fantastic job visualizing the dystopian storyline of The Territory. I wrote The Territory in order to highlight the environmental and educational challenges that teenagers are facing today, so I’m delighted about the prospect of seeing the books come to life on TV.”

Mark Casarotto also added:

“New Pictures’ decision to option the rights to The Territory couldn’t be more timely. Govett’s vision of a dystopian Britain, where climate change and educational inequality have created a bleak future for teenagers, resonates loudly with what is happening in the world today. Her strong female protagonist and friends are relatable, hopeful and inspiring all at once.”

New Pictures are the executive producers for Netflix‘s ‘The Innocents’ and is currently working on HBO‘s ‘Catherine The Great.’ It is too early in the deal to imagine what network this could end up on, but as the company is already working with two of the major players in the industry we could easily see this landing on a premium network.

Are you looking forward to seeing a live-action take on ‘The Territory’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline Hollywood