James Wan Aquaman

We’ve seen in the previews for ‘Aquaman‘ that a huge wave is going to smash against the coast, but there hasn’t been much context about that until now. Recently, director James Wan was asked a bit about the scene, and he has shared that not only does it not give away a major moment from the film but that we haven’t even seen the entire sequence! As we’re approaching the full release of the film next month, there have been all kinds of new details swimming to the surface such as a potential mid-credits scene and the inclusion of flashbacks in the movie.

As to what is happening in the shot, Wan does offer up a few hints as to what is going on:

“The context of that photo is basically the Atlantic coastline is being hit by tidal waves, and it’s not actually an attack from Atlantis but a warning sign of what’s to come. It’s basically a message from King Orm [Patrick Wilson], and he’s throwing our warships and waste back onto the land.”

That is going to be one hell of a warning sign and shows exactly the kind of power that Aquaman will be up against when he squares off with his half-brother King Orm. However, this amazing shot doesn’t even tell the whole story:

“That’s the crazy thing is that one long take shot that everybody seems excited about in the trailer, that’s only half the shot. And it doesn’t have the context of how it comes to play. So hopefully in the actual movie, it’s more enjoyable because you’ll have context… The trailer and images don’t really do it justice. The crazy part is there’s so much movie, what’s out there has barely scratched the surface.”

Once again it just seems like Wan is going to be giving us a fantastic thrill ride and if his past work in the director’s chair is any indication, we’re in for something special!

Do you think the other half of this scene will be how the wave attack is launched against the surface world? Is James Wan going to deliver us an ‘Aquaman’ that was just as fun to watch as ‘Wonder Woman’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Aquaman’ will be swimming into theaters on December 21st, 2018!

Source: Entertainment Weekly